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The 10-day experiential Cancer Coach Certification Program is a mix of a series of talks, interactive sessions, individual and group activities and initiations. At the core is Cancer Awakens Holistic and Integrated approach to cancer as outlined in the book ‘My Cancer is Me: The journey from Illness to Wholeness’.

Dire need for non-medical cancer care

Education, work experience and life experiences usually prepares people for most challenges that can come their way. But cancer is one such challenge where the past experience would be of little help.

The cancer patient is just thrown into the world of hospitals, medications, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. And all the attention in on getting rid of the tumour and curing the organ. The fact that cancer affects not just the body but the person as a whole if often ignored. As a result, people tend to miss out on non-medical care that is crucial for healing. Our Cancer Coach Certification Program is designed to bridge the gap.

How can a Cancer Coach or as we call, SHERPA help?

Suppose you want to climb Mount Everest. Given the rough terrain, massive height of the mountain and freezing temperatures, you know that the journey ahead is going to be extremely challenging. You may have also done all the possible research.

But when you get there you realise all the preparation isn’t enough. That’s when, the Sherpas come to the rescue. These legendary mountain tribes are familiar with the terrain and conditions. They are capable of guiding you during your journey.

In the same way, patients and families need a Cancer Coach who’s well trained and experienced to hand hold them through the journey. The SHERPAs help reframe cancer as a growth opportunity rather than a death sentence. Get training from experienced professionals and also a cancer coach certification.

To learn more about the Role of a Cancer Awakens Sherpa, click here

How to sign up for the Cancer Certification Program

A. Eligibility Criteria

We choose our Sherpa’s very carefully, for obvious reasons.

Potential Sherpas who want to sign up for our Cancer Coach Certification Program must have:

  1. Experienced cancer close-up, either as survivors/ thrivers, caregivers or practitioners
  2. They should have a keen interest in Holistic & Integrated approaches to illness & health
  3. Another important requirement is a genuine commitment to devote at least 15 hours a week to provide structured coaching services to affected individuals and families
  4. Besides, they should be people who have taken concrete steps on their own healing and growth journey … and are ‘seekers-on-the-path’
  5. A strong aspiration to become “beacons of light and hope” in their families and communities
  6. A strong desire to learn, share and practice the necessary Coaching skills and a unique, structured protocol, that can be powerfully applied to benefit many
  7. Fluency in written/ spoken English, online/ broadband access, and familiarity with the internet
  8. Willingness to be ‘interviewed’ by us, prior to actual selection

B. Program Structure

The Sherpa Training & Certification program consists of the following:

1. Pre-Workshop: Preparation

  • Reading the book ‘My Cancer Is Me’ and other prescribed materials
  • 4-6 calls (by video-conference); each of 60-90 min duration

2. Cancer Coach Certification Program

  • Full attendance at a 10-day intensive, immersive, residential program
    • Next program dates: Will be announced shortly.
  • Curriculum focuses on Learning & Practicing
    • The unique Cancer Awakens Holistic & Integrated protocol
    • Core Coaching skills: Values, Listening, Questioning, Feedback & Influencing
    • View Outline here

3. Post-Workshop: Follow-up

  • 4-6 calls (by video-conference); each of 60-90 min duration
  • Completion of assigned projects: in pairs or triads

C. Program Fee: Rs. 75000

1. Covers the following

  • 80 hours of class-room training & activities
  • 20 hours of online training
  • Full board & lodge plus all facilities, equipment, materials, etc.
  • Note: This fee does not cover your travel to Mumbai, if any.

2. Payment Terms

  • At sign-up: Rs. 25,000 (Deposit)
  •  Rs. 50,000 (Balance)

D. Nov 2017 Training: Archives

Our inaugural Cancer Awakens Sherpa Certification Program was held at Kautilya Leadership Centre from 3rd to 12th November 2017. During the program, 13 SHERPAs took a leap towards offering a pioneering cancer-care coaching service.

  • Sherpa Profiles, click here
  • Photo Gallery, click here

Here is some of the feedback from our SHERPAs. For more, participant feedback, click here

“Invigorating. I had a paradigm shift from being an ‘as necessary soothsayer’ to becoming a ‘beacon’ in a patient’s life. That’s HUGE!”

“The shift from ‘Self’ to ‘Service’. Shadow Values, Presence Practice, Family Constellation and the Feedback framework were powerful tools.”

“It was the first time that I was in a space where cancer felt ‘normal’, with people who had similar journeys to mine. I came back home with lots of learning, feeling inspired, liberated and empowered.”

E. Sign-up!

If the prospect of becoming a Cancer Awakens SHERPA excites you, please contact us or email Anamika Chakravarty on





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