SHERPA Program: 10-day Workshop Curriculum


The 10-day experiential workshop is a mix of a series of talks, interactive sessions, individual and group activities and initiations. At the core is Cancer Awakens Holistic and Integrated approach to cancer as outlined in the book ‘My Cancer is Me: The journey from Illness to Wholeness’.

Program Outline

Date AM PM Evening Activity
Day 1 Arrival & Registration

Opening Activity & Introductions

Five Elements
Day 2 Lifeline + Activity

Values & Shadow + Activity

Holistic & Integrated Approach Movie
Day 3 Scientific & Symbolic Views

Cancer Rosetta + Activity

Coaching Skills Intro & Demo Video Series
Day 4 Holistic Health Q + Activity

Physical Stressors + Activity

Supportive Listening + Activity

Powerful Questioning + Activity

Creative Expression
Day 5 Emotional Stressors + Activity Mental Stressors + Activity

Systemic Stressors + Activity

Video Series
Day 6 Group Outing Spiritual Stressors + Activity Individual Work
Day 7 Constructive Feedback + Activity

Ethical Influencing + Activity

Mapping Stressors + Activity

Dialogue With Death + Activity

Fire Ritual
Day 8 Meaning & Purpose + Activity

PEP + Activity

Coaching Practice: Activity Video Series
Day 9 Coaching Practice: Activity Go to Market: Marketing, Pricing, Commercials, etc. Welcome to the World
Day 10 Re-entry & next steps

Feedback & Close + Activity


Daily Activities

Morning: Cellular Healing Meditation
Afternoon: Yoga Nidra
Post-dinner: Fun time!

If you’d like to train as a Cancer Awakens Sherpa, click here.
To view Sherpa profiles, click here.


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