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Our trained and certified Cancer Coach provides the right kind of help when you need it the most.

While the doctors treat the disease, who heals the person?

Cancer invariably comes as a shock to individuals and families. Mainstream treatments that largely consists of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy focus on curing the physical disease. There aren’t many places and/or people who can help you with non-medical care.

Internet searches can be more confusing than helpful. The doctors also don’t have enough time to explain things in great detail. Naturally, after the first few weeks/ months of ‘coping’ with medical treatments, patients begin to ask themselves some fundamental questions:

“Why me?”
“What next”?
“How can i give meaning to my experience?”
“What does the future hold, for me, my family, my career, my relationships?”

Besides, the physical recovery what you also need to heal mentally and emotionally. It would be great to have someone who can help you make sense of the cancer journey. You need a support system. While your family and friends try to do all that they can to help you, are the really equipped to do so? Do they have the expertise?

Your Cancer Coach can help you become a ‘Cancer-Thriver’

personal cancer coach can help youThousands of people around the world who get cancer, don’t just ‘survive’ but ‘Thrive. They awaken, heal and grow from their experience. Why not you?

What if you can see life after cancer with fresh eyes? What if you can create a ‘New normal … a sweeter life than before?

You can join the THRIVER Program at any stage in your cancer journey: Just Diagnosed, Under Treatment, Recurrence/ Metastasis, Palliative, End-of-Life, Caregiver, Preventive, etc. The program will be tailored for your particular type, stage and needs. Your cancer coach will offer you the right kind of help when you need it the most.

The unique THRIVER Program

The THRIVER Program is a one of it’s kind program that supports cancer patients with the non-medical aspects of cancer treatment. The program:

  • Provides a personal coaching service to support your journey of positive change, recovery and rehabilitation.
  • Uses holistic and integrated approach to cancer that work alongside your mainstream treatments. It can greatly benefit both patients and caregivers.
  • Based on the proven science of Psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI)PNI is the ‘Science of Mind-Body Medicine’ and proves beyond any doubt that the mind – our thoughts/ feelings/ emotions – can harm or heal the body, depending on how it is used.

T: Take Charge
H: Heal Within
R: Release Stressors
I: Initiate Change
V: Voyage Bravely
E: Embrace Life
R: Reciprocate Manifold

Your Cancer Coach will lead you from ‘trauma’ to ‘transformation’

get a personal cancer coachCancer Coaching is a structured process in which a trained cancer coach will enable and also support you as you walk the path from trauma-to-transformation. The key is to reframe cancer as a growth experience (an opportunity to thrive) rather than a death-sentence (meaningless suffering to be stoically and bravely borne).

Our carefully selected and well-trained SHERPA’s (most are Thrivers/ caregivers themselves) have first-hand experience of the cancer crisis. Click here to view Sherpa Profiles.

What you gain

Your Cancer Coach will help you:

  • Process your fears and challenges in a safe and compassionate space
  • Learn powerful tools and techniques to better cope with the crisis.
  • Take charge of your healing and create an action plan for your own growth.

Program Details

When you enrol for the THRIVER Program, you will:

  • Take a free online diagnostic and receive a free 1-time consultation, prior to sign-up
  • Sign up for a relevant offering, based on the stage/ progression of the disease
  • Be assigned a Cancer SHERPA who is trained, certified and supervised by Cancer Awakens
  • Receive 16 online coaching sessions to a structured and standardised protocol
  • Track your progress online
  • View the Program Overview and Detailed Session-wise Outline.


Program Fee for 16 sessions (includes materials)

  • For clients in India: Rs. 80,000 (+ GST) i.e. Rs. 100,000 total
  • For overseas clients: USD 1500 total

Payment terms

  • 50% is payable in advance; balance 50% after 8 sessions
  • For clients in India: NEFT Bank Transfer, Credit/ Debit Cards or via our Payment Gateway
  • For overseas clients: Credit/ Debit Cards or via our Payment Gateway/ PayPal

How To Sign Up

Please contact us or email to enrol.




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