Who is a SHERPA?


Friend, Mentor, Guide, Expert

Your Cancer Awakens Sherpa is uniquely and superbly qualified to help you walk the path from ‘trauma-to-transformation’, during the challenging cancer journey.
He/ she will support you in reframing cancer as a growth experience (i.e. an opportunity to thrive) rather than a death-sentence (i.e. meaningless suffering, stoically and bravely borne). His/ her role is to help you

S: Shift (Your Mindset)
H: Harness (Your Resources)
E: Enable (Your focus)
R: Reframe (Your Approach)
P: Power-up (Your Determination)
A: Affirm (Your Progress)

Sherpas: Legendary mountain guides from Nepal

      • Their hardiness, expertise, familiarity with dangerous terrain and experience at very high altitudes makes them a byword for a loyal guide, navigator and mentor, among elite climbers
      • Their unique climbing ability comes from a genetic adaptation to high altitudes: Hemoglobin-binding capacity and doubled nitric oxide production

Your Cancer Awakens Sherpa has been carefully selected, trained and certified.

Each one is:

      • A survivor/ caregiver/ practitioner: someone has seen cancer at close quarters
      • Demonstrates a passion for health, wellness & personal growth
      • Has a deep curiosity and empathy for human/ non-medical issues
      • Understands the Holistic & Integrated approach
      • Is system-agnostic: Not wedded to a single approach or methodology
      • Is on his/ her own healing and growth journey

To view Sherpa profiles, click here

If you’d like to train as a Cancer Awakens Sherpa, click here.


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