Healing Visualisation: Free Download


Cancer is one of the rare disease where the treatment is probably more dreadful than the disease itself. The side-effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy are extremely difficult to handle for cancer patients. Read how healing visualisation can help.

Patients dread chemotherapy and radiotherapy because they are toxic. In targeting cancer cells, they can also damage healthy cells and tissues, though not everyone develops the same side effects or experiences and to the same degree.

How can you bring your own attitude (mind) and inner resources (divine self) to bear on the treatments so that you can be an active partner in your healing and generate the best possible healing outcome?

Here is a healing visualization we teach our clients, and it is based on the same principles of the cellular healing meditation described earlier in the book.  It is to be practised during your chemotherapy/radiotherapy session.

Using positive visualization and prayerful intention, the aim is to ‘divinise’ your treatments so as to direct the flow of drugs or radiation and specifically target the cancer cells. You will also simultaneously irrigate your body-mind with the healing vibrations of peace so that healthy body tissues and cells are protected from the toxicity of the treatments.

To read the full Visualisation please download the PDF

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