What Causes Breast Cancer: Mental & Emotional Triggers To Consider


Have you wondered what causes breast cancer? Modern medicine probably hasn’t given you a satisfactory explanation. Here are some other perspectives for you to consider.

One of our primary premises is that cancer, and indeed all illness, is a result of chronic physical, mental, emotional and other types of stressors. Many healers and experts also hold this opinion.

What causes breast cancer

Let’s understand what causes breast cancer through a symbolic view.

1. Louise Hay

Louise Hay, a vaginal cancer survivor and world-renowned author, attributes the development of her own cancer to being raped in early childhood. In her best-selling book, You Can Heal Your Life, she says that her cancer was caused because she held on to the anger and resentment of being raped. She also speaks of healing herself by letting go of this long-stored emotional turmoil. This is an example of how emotional stress can lead to illness.

  • She further adds, breasts represent mothering, nurturing and nourishment. Breast problems represent a refusal to nourish the self, putting everyone else first and over-mothering, overprotecting and overbearing attitudes.
  • She also lists cancer as being caused by long-held anger and resentment.

2. Caroline Myss: The 4th chakra connection

A leading authority in holistic health, and author of many books about the human energy field, Dr Caroline Myss makes a correlation between the body’s energy chakras (described in Yoga texts) and the stresses that can disturb the flow of life energy, leading to illness.

  • There are 7 chakras, starting from the base of the spine and ending at the top of the head. Each chakra supplies life energy to its surrounding organs.
  • The chest/breast area is served by the 4th or heart chakra. The heart chakra is associated with love, forgiveness and compassion – qualities of the heart.
  • Breast cancer is caused by a disturbance in the energy flow in this chakra.


  • Do you consider yourself a caring, nurturing person, prone to being over-caring?
  • Do you mostly put your needs last?
  • What resentment do you need to let go of? Whom do you need to forgive?
  • What emotional memories do you still need to heal? Are there any relationships in your life that require healing?
  • Who are the people that you are yet to forgive and what prevents you from letting go of the pain you associate with them?
  • Do you ever use emotional wounds to control people or situations?
  • What have you done that needs forgiving? Which people are working to forgive you?

Has this article helped? Have you been able to detect what could be the possible causes of breast pain and probable answers to what causes breast cancer? Leave us a comment. And please share this information with anyone that you think might need it.


Louise Hay: “You Can Heal Your Life
Caroline Myss: “Anatomy Of The Spirit

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  1. Wonderful effort. Hope that this effort will help not only help the Cancer sufferer, but also help people in general to make their mind strong to fight any disease or other problem in life with multidirectional approach.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree that mental and emotional imbalances are the major factor for many chronic illnesses. Having dealt with a terminal illness of a most loved one, I can tell that beside the factors mentioned above, another bigger cause can be the ingestion of various types of meat, which may have come from diseased animals. Thanks for sharing this article.

    • Thanks for your comment, Anju. There is quite a lot of research to show that diet and nutrition are foundational, when it comes to cancer recovery and that consuming animal protein and fat is associated with cancer risk.

  3. Reading this, just reconfirms, what I have already known for many years as a yoga instructor and healer, that all Dis-Eases are DIS EASE formulated within the Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual bodies, when we hold on to ‘stuff’ that has not been released or forgiven. It is important in life, to recognize that there are many ‘layers’ of emotional and mental debris that surround each and every one of us and over time, the layers can become greater or lesser – depending upon your natural ability to look ‘deep within oneself’ and being the journey of releasing before it becomes a Disease within the physical body.

    • Thanks for your comment, Daye. You are right … and your views are closely aligned to ours. Since you are a yoga teacher & healer for many years, would you like to contribute your experiences & insights regarding disease & well-being to our site? You can search for our Guest Author Guidelines and let us know how you feel. Cheers, Vijay.

  4. Good Morning Vijay: Its been several months since my last comment on ‘cancerawakens’ and so much processing, healing, trials and tribulations, but I continue to be positive and growing each and every day with more research and knowledge. I am going to consider contributing my experiences and insights regarding disease and well-being on your site and will read Guest Author Guidelines this week. I thank you for allowing me an opportunity to share as I am making my way into expressing how I feel six months into my diagnosis of Breast Cancer, Stage II, Triple Negative. Many blessings, Daye

  5. This article is spot-on. My mom died from breast cancer metastasized in the bone. For her own selfish reasons, her mother gave her up at age 9 to be raised by aunts and uncles. She spent her entire life being perfect to prove it was not her fault she was tossed aside. She over-mothered my brother and me and was a truly nervous worry-wart. Although she appeared happy, I always felt her pride was partly a cover-up for something deeper. With her breast cancer (first round) losing one of her precious breasts (she always flaunted that she was busty, and I was not) made me see the fundamental purpose of breasts – attraction, nurturance, mothering, closeness – all things she was deprived of as a young girl. Resentment ran deep, hence the metastasis into the bone 5 years later. Rather than see her truth, accept her pain & disappointment and love herself for herself, she continued to hold grudges up to her last few hours. I helped her clear her spirit for transition and she gave me the greatest gift – after a lifetime of hearing “how’d I wind up with you?” in a rare lucid moment at the end, she squeezed my hand & said “Now I know why I wound up with you!” Those 9 little words changed my life forever. Let’s remember to love each other & let everything else go. In the end, only the love matters.


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