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The Cancer Awakens blog offers carefully curated insights on Holistic & Integrated approaches to Cancer, inspiring Thriver stories, latest research, book & movie reviews … and much more! We would love your contributions as Guest Author. Here are some important guidelines.


Cancer Awakens wants people to awaken, heal, grow & thrive through the trauma of cancer, instead of suffering like victims or dying ‘on schedule’Our aspiration is to turn 1 million cancer-patients into thrivers through 10,000 cancer-coaches, globally.

The blog plays a critical role in this.

  • It is our primary platform to get our message out to a global audience.
  • It strengthens our reputation as a credible expert in the non-medical aspects of cancer care.
  • Our carefully curated content makes it easier for our readers to get high-quality information and insights quickly.


We look at cancer as a life-changing journey, which has the power to awaken and transform us. We explore how complementary approaches: physical, emotional, mental, relational and spiritual, can work alongside mainstream treatments to support one’s cancer experience and improve healing outcomes. We are very clear that we advocate a ‘complementary’ and not an ‘alternative’ approach.

In this context, we use the words ‘holistic’ and ‘integrated’ very intentionally.

  • Holistic: A human being has many dimensions – body, emotions, mind, relationships and spirit. A holistic approach examines and addresses all these dimensions. For example: a person with metastatic breast cancer (body) swings between anger and depression (emotion). Believing that cancer is a curse (mind), she is in a dysfunctional relationship with her mother (relationship) and has lost interest in life (spirit).
  • Integrated: There are many different systems of healing, each with their own strengths. An integrated approach chooses and combines the most effective insights and therapies to address the client’s needs. For example: Surgery is often the quickest and most effective way to deal with a localised tumour. Homeopathy or Visualisation can reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy. Hypnotherapy can release old emotional wounds and baggage. Shadow-work can re-script deeply held belief systems. Ho’oponopono is powerful in healing disaffected relationship systems. Meditative practices can put us in touch with our Higher/ Deeper Self.

What are we looking for?

  • We love articles which offer opinions, research, case-studies, anecdotes, or even humour about cancer. They can come from the perspective of a cancer patient, a care-giver, a medical practitioner, a complementary therapist/ healer, or support worker.
  • We want our articles to highlight the holistic and integrated themes described above. And beyond this, we want to show how cancer can have a positive transformational effect by awakening us to the possibilities of creating and embracing ‘A New Normal’ in our lives.
  • Our writing style is very personal and conversational, like we are speaking one-on-one, to a friend. We avoid jargon and simplify, simplify, simplify concepts for easy consumption. We try to use real life examples to illustrate our points.
  • We make it a point to offer simple and tangible take-aways and questions for ‘reflection’ in every article. Incorporating exercises, invitations to comment, etc. add a personal touch and turn a one-sided article into a conversation. We want to engage our readers, not lecture them.
  • One last thing, we welcome provocative ideas about illness and healing, which challenge conventional wisdom, so please don’t hold back! Having said that, we hope you won’t mind if we edit/ fine-tune your article to suit the style and sensibility of our site.

Guest Author Guidelines

  1. Keep each article to 500-800 words of text. And personalize as much as possible
  2. Include or suggest appropriate visuals / videos that can add value. (We’ll help you here).
  3. Extract a 30-word summary that describes the essence of your article and the key take-away for the reader. We will use this as an intro.
  4. Write a catchy, short title that highlights the main benefit and which draws in the reader.
  5. Cite all your sources: books, publications, quotes, videos, internet articles, etc. This acknowledges the good work of others and it adds credibility to our message.
  6. Important: Please include a small write-up about yourself – 75 words max – and a soft copy of a passport-size photo – a decent resolution and a cheerful expression will go a long way!
  7. Please email your text & visuals, your write-up and your photo to
  • Brenna Ribeiro:
  • Anamika Chakravarty:
  • Vijay Bhat:

Thanks for your support and contribution. We’ll share the edited draft of your article before uploading and we will let you know as soon as your article goes live, so you can share it with your friends, associates and clients!


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