Integrative Medicine For Cancer Can Improve Healing Outcomes


Integrative medicine for cancer can play a very important role in addressing this complex and multi-factorial disease. It works best alongside a holistic approach i.e. physical, mental, emotional, systemic and spiritual as well as conventional medical treatments. The aim of course, is to reduce stress and boost immunity

Integrative medicine for cancer: How it can help

The current situation with cancer starkly reveals that no single therapeutic approach can fully deal with cancer. But the good news is that different healing systems from around the world may have different and complementary pieces of the puzzle. The question is: How does one combine them – effectively and efficiently?

Each system pursues a specific and a different line of enquiry for cancer. We list below a wide range of therapies – in no particular order and not necessarily exhaustive – that have been effective in treating cancer.

Integrative medicine for cancer: A wide range of therapies

Holistic Practices: Yoga, Qi-gong/ Tai Chi Chuan, etc.

using integrative medicine for cancerHatha Yoga & Qi-gong/ Tai Chi Chuan are popular all over the world. They are extremely beneficial for all-round well-being  because they directly reduce stress and keep your immunity in peak condition.

Besides, they detoxify, balance and heal the body, emotions and mind. This happens due to their focus on body movements, breath regulation and attention-intention-visualisation. Both energise (rather than deplete) you, because they replenish your life force (Prana/ Qi). Through this, they also open you to your Higher/ Deeper Self and access its spiritual healing force.

  • Hatha Yoga involves stretching and holding certain postures (Asana), followed by breath-work (Pranayama) and meditation (Dhyana).
  • Qi-gong/ Tai Chi Chuan involve flowing movements, accompanied by appropriate breath-work.


People are now well-aware of the importance of regular exercise for maintaining good health. We recommend that you work out for 30-45 minutes at least 2-3 times a week, for maximum benefits

  • Gym Routine: Find a well equipped gym near you. Also ensure that it has a competent instructor to create a routine for strength, stamina, cardio-vascular fitness and flexibility.
  • Dance: Join a dance or Zumba class, if you prefer more fun and creative body work.
  • Brisk walking, swimming, cycling, etc. are equally enjoyable and effective

Diet & Nutrition

integrative medicine for cancer includes food choicesDiet & Nutrition are foundational therapies for cancer. Please consult a qualified dietician/ nutritionist. Ideally, find someone who has previous experience with your condition. Also remember to ask for a specific program which will suit your body-type, constitution and health condition.

Transactional Analysis (TA)

Transactional Analysis is a simple and powerful way to uncover your limiting beliefs and sub-conscious programming. (TA) also provides an excellent cognitive framework to understand dysfunctional relationships. We recommend that you take a 1-day basic course, to begin with. Thereafter, you can consider working one-on-one with a TA practitioner to discover your Life-script.

NLP, Hypnotherapy & The Work

These are effective ways to re-program your negative, disabling thoughts and replace them with more appropriate, life-enabling thoughts. We suggest you find and work with a trained practitioner in your area.

  • NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming): It involves initiating a healthy conversation between the conscious and unconscious mind so as to aid healing.
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy: works at many levels, including Past Life Regression (PLR) to resolve karmic issues and Foreign Energy Removal. The EKAA Foundation, formerly known as California Hypnosis Institute, founded by Dr. Sunny Satin is doing active work in this field.
  • The Work: As part of this process, you will learn to identify and question your thoughts that trigger cancer and impede healing.

Louise Hay Affirmations

Louise Hay is a world-renowned author and practitioner. We recommend you attend a Louise Hay workshop, to learn and practice some powerful affirmations. Also, you can get daily affirmations from her popular website:

Meridian Therapies

This is an emerging field of Energy medicine, which combines Western psychology with Energy work based on Chinese Acupressure. These therapies can quickly relieve even chronic physical problems by releasing deep-rooted emotional trauma or entanglements.

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT): Founded by Gary Craig, you can learn the technique from EFT Universe. For best results, you could also work with an experienced practitioner
  • Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT): Founded by Tapas Fleming,you can learn the technique from TATLife or an experienced practitioner.

Family Therapies

Integrative medicine for cancer includes a range of therapies and practices to address systemic issues such as problems within the family or key relationships.

  • Family Constellation Therapy. Bert Hellinger is the doyen of this approach.
  • The JourneyDeveloped by Brandon Bays, who healed herself from cancer, this method is also excellent for releasing psycho-social stressors in your body and in your system.

Meditative Practices

There are many prayers and meditative practices from different psycho-spiritual traditions from around the world to help deal with spiritual issues. You can also look within your own faith / religion for ease, comfort and familiarity, if you wish. Additionally, some powerful approaches are:

  • Psycho-Synthesis: Founded by Roberto Assagioli, this branch of psychology integrates spiritual practices and offers very good techniques.
  • Shadow-work: We highly recommend that you do a workshop or work with a Jungian psycho-analyst. This can help you uncover and embrace your Shadow-material in more depth.


  • How can use integrative medicine for cancer to aid your healing? Also how can you prepare yourself to choose the best combination from the various treatment options?
  • Review the physical, mental, emotional, systemic and spiritual aspects of your life. Which areas need the most improvement?
  • Which of the above-mentioned techniques do you instinctively feel drawn to? Also what is the quickest and easiest way for you to try them out for yourself?


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