‘The Journey’ By Brandon Bays: A Powerful Way To Heal


Lalitha Mathew, a practitioner of ‘The Journey’ healing process throws light on how one can be healed from even a deadly disease like cancer using the emotional route.

According to Lalitha Mathew, all diseases are caused in some way or another by emotional stress. It begins right from infancy, when we start to experience hurt and have hidden feelings that are not expressed for years. Each unexpressed emotion adds on to the existing previous emotions. And not expressing these layers upon layers of difficult emotions, leads to depression at a later stage.

“Repression & Depression” are the main causes of disease

For example, when we are sad, we tend to eat more junk food than normal, which temporarily calms down our emotions. But later on it has bad effects on our health, leading to various diseases. Have you noticed that when you are feeling low, you crave comfort foods like sweets, chocolates or ice-cream? Then you eat too much and you fall sick.

Accumulation of negative emotions also affects our body chemistry, lowering immunity. Hence, it is better to clear your depressed and unexpressed feelings sooner than never.

The Journey process helps to clear accumulated emotions, and help to restore balance.

Lalitha explained that it is a proven and structured process where you go deep within yourself … to the core to your depressing emotions and release them. How do I do that, you may ask.

Forgiveness is the key

According to Lalitha, forgiveness is at the core of the whole process. We must learn to recognise our hurts and forgive others and ourselves to release the emotions that are accumulated as a result of these old hurts.

Express your feelings, immediately and appropriately

The question arises, to whom do we express? Who can we trust? Well, you always have your family to express feelings.

No matter how awkward or silly it may sound, it is always better to express rather than repress and wait for them to affect you later on.

If you cannot find a friend or family member to speak freely to, or if you are uncomfortable, you can find a mentor or a professional counselor.

And if you cannot find a real person, you can even talk to an imaginary one … it is that important! If you are comfortable with a pet, don’t feel embarrassed, go ahead and talk to your dog or cat or canary. After all, they say that animals are the best listeners.

Does it work?

With her own patients, Lalitha has observed some spectacular and miraculous recoveries.

One lady had cancer in her uterus. The tumor was of the size of a football. All she was told to do was to bring up her emotions and communicate them regularly. Guess what? A few months later, her heart was lighter and size of her tumor had drastically reduced.


  • What emotions are you holding in?
  • What are those old hurts that you are still carrying?
  • Who in your close circle have you still not forgiven?
  • What can you do to start now?

If you would like to know more about the Journey process, visit www.thejourney.com


Madhuvanthi Padmanabhan is a student of French at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. She loves animals more than anything. She plays golf, badminton, table tennis and swims too. She also loves music and composes her own music. Says Madhuvanthi “I am very happy to be a part of this project to help people find relief. It has also helped me to become more aware of myself.”


  1. dear lalitha, am malabika,57 yr old located in kolkata.suffrri ng fromsta metastatic cancer. was diagnosed first with right breast ca ,no surgery then,only chemo. later in 2009 it affected the brain and i had three brain surgeries,later focussed radiation from marsden london last year. now i have a tumor again in the right breast. Dr s.h.advani has been my doc fr sx years. advised exempra the first cycle is over there r two more left after which the doc will evaluate. meanwhile the latest brain MRI shows multiple lesions in the same old region which dr advani says pos radiation marks. this is my story. am keen on the journey and want u to help me heal. love and regards

    • Dear Malabika, thanks for sharing your journey with us. It looks like you are in good medical hands … we would highly recommend that you also supplement your treatments with a holistic and integrated approach … most people find this to be very helpful.


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