What Causes Colo-Rectal Cancer: Mental and Emotional Triggers To Consider


While mainstream medicine focuses on curing the physical aspects of cancer, a holistic and integrated approach to colo-rectal cancer can be very helpful. If you have wondered: What kind of mental and emotional patterns can trigger colo-rectal cancer, here are some insights and opportunities for self-reflection.

The psychological importance of the Colon

As a part of the large intestine, the colon is symbolised as the realm of the dead, for in it is contained all the materials that cannot be brought back to life. The large intestine is also symbolised as our unconscious or our ‘shadow side’, the home of those things that we are afraid to bring into the open.

Those who have colon cancer may be prone to suppressing and containing within themselves, their negative emotions and parts of their personality that they do not like. Often, these suppressed parts may be unconscious.

Relatedly, Louise Hay also associates the colon with the past, and problems of the colon stemming from an unwillingness to let go of the past.

The 2nd chakra connection

The colon and rectum are located above the base of the spine, in the region of the second chakra. The health of this chakra is influenced by how we exercise power and control in issues of money, sex and intimate relationships.

Ever since Freud, psychoanalysis has interpreted defecation as an act of giving and generosity. Ancient cultures have long considered this true, giving rise to the phrases, “Where there’s muck, there’s brass”, and the folktales of the Golden Ass which excreted gold pieces. Superstitions suggest that treading in dog’s feces or being hit by bird droppings are signs of impending good fortune.

This symbolism suggests that it generosity is good for colon health, while greed or avarice is not. One’s relationship with money therefore gains importance when considering causation of colon cancer.

People who have second chakra trouble often go to great lengths to maintain control over people and situations, so that they never have to reveal themselves fully. In intimate relationships, they may resort to using guilt and manipulation to get their way.


  • What parts of your personality do you want to keep hidden from others?
  • In what way are you ashamed of yourself?
  • What incidents in your past do you find difficult to forgive and let go?
  • Are you a controlling person? Do you engage in power plays in your relationships?
  • How do you respond to power: its use, mis-use and abuse?
  • What is your relationship with money? How much authority does it have over you? Do you compromises or violate inner self for the sake of financial security?
  • In what situations are you most generous/ most giving … how can you increase these in your life?


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  1. What a great post Santhan, thank you so much for this information. I look forward to working through your exercise. I had polyps removed over a year ago. Doc said they were precancerous and I was lucky I came in when i did. I HAD to, i was having bloody stools and bowel attacks – so thank you body! I was supposed to go back for a followup ELEVEN months ago and never did. Why do we do such things? Been feeling funky lately so I made the appointment and am praying my body is saving me again.

    It always astounds me how much this stuff relates. Ive had issues with money since the beginning of time, and over the last 2 years Ive been dealing with herpes, which is pretty much a huge secret. I dug through my archives and found Louise Hay again, finding all that insightfulness i had in the past, buried a little deeper. Looks like more work is in store. Thanks for the methods to do so, and the right questions to ask. I’ll be following you!

    • Thanks for writing in, Trisha … glad you’ve finding our information and insights useful … do continue to share your journey with us, for the benefit of our readers.

  2. Hello,

    I have been researching (possible) emotional causes behind colon cancer because I’m intrigued with Audrey Hepburn’s quickly spreading colon cancer and her death. Such a beautiful soul and yet we can all learn from each other.

    I’ve been doing and living Louise Hay’s Affirmations and mostly these past months. In my search I came across your post. Thank you for sharing such insightful and useful information!

    Romy Macias

    • Thanks for your comment, Romy … glad you find the information on our site useful … do share with our readers, how the Louise Hay affirmations are working for you.

    • Dear Rajlakshmi, Some of the mental-emotional issues around lung cancer have to do with the following:
      – Unprocessed sorrow & grief, fear of fully engaging with life, not feeling worthy of living, and a sense of isolation and loneliness
      – There can also be issues around freedom (or lack of it), love-hate, resentment & bitterness, forgiveness and compassion, hope and trust
      – Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) also correlates lung-cancer with lack of personal boundaries and unprocesssed grief
      Hope this helps. Thanks, Vijay.


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