The Cancer Rosetta: How Different Healing Systems Understand Cancer

Healing cancer naturally

A unique and crucial feature of Cancer Awakens is to bring you is a kaleidoscope of ways in which the same type of cancer is viewed by different medical and healing systems. Let’s talk about alternative cancer cures and healing cancer naturally with different cancer treatments.

Different systems, different enquiries for different cancer treatments

how different cancer treatments approach cancerIn our journey through cancer, as we researched and understood different cancer treatments and medical systems, Vijay and I found that each had a very specific and different line of enquiry. There are many ways of healing cancer naturally. In fact, a lot of the alternative cancer cures can work hand in hand with mainstream ones to achieve healing.

As we created our own back-to-health plan, we gained different insights and lines of enquiry from each of these different cancer treatments.

It was as if there were different pieces of the cancer puzzle waiting to be found in each of the different healing systems we explored.

Today we can say with certainty that no one healing system was responsible for Vijay’s recovery. Actually, all of them contributed towards it. Had we missed out on even one piece of the puzzle, Vijay’s recovery may not have been as complete. Different cancer treatments naturally and medically are two roads that connect on the same destination.

Discovery of Cancer Rosetta

The metaphor that comes to mind is that of the Rosetta stone, the black granite stone tablet with inscriptions found in Egypt which finally lead to the decoding of the ancient Egyptian writing, which was not understood until then.

Consider this: Two people have colon cancer. One is a Caucasian male in his 60’s who consumes a predominantly steak and potatoes i.e. high meat and low fibre diet. The other is a 22-year old Indian woman, vegetarian, but with severe mental and emotional childhood trauma. In the first case, the primary trigger for cancer is likely to be diet (i.e. a physical stressors) whereas in the second case, the trigger is more PROBABLY to be her unresolved psychological issues (i.e. mental/emotional stressors). These examples illustrate that the same type of cancer can have fundamentally different triggers and naturally, the lines of different cancer treatments will also need to be different. BOth of them can go for HEALING CANCER NATURALLY.

Taking this approach, we were able to decipher the full depth and meaning of colon cancer by lining up all the different perspectives and lines of enquiry from different medical systems.

Let’s take one view through the cancer kaleidoscope, for example:

Alternate healing systems

  • Ayurveda would guide the practitioner to look into the Vata-Pitta-Kapha imbalance in the body. Specifically for colon cancer, to investigate the alkalinity/acidity of the patient’s diet.
  • Chinese medicine would look to the stagnation of ‘qi’ or the life-force in the colon. Its specifically yin-yang imbalance with its paired organ: the lung. Together, the lung and large intestine correlation would point towards un-expressed sorrow and repressed anger.
  • Diet therapies such as Veganism would directly point to a high meat/ low fibre diet and a corresponding high incidence of colon cancer.

And now let’s turn the kaleidoscope and take another view …

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Mind-body systems

  • Dahlke and Dethlefson see colo-rectal problems pointing towards the symbolic quality of greed and avarice: hence the inability to freely and easily let go and be with the flow of life.
  • Lousie Hay associates problems in the colon with an unwillingness to let go of the past.
  • Caroline Myss‘s work is based on chakras, the energetic centers within the subtle body that regulate our overall health, well-being and state of equilibrium. She sees colon cancer as a second chakra problem; which maybe well blocked, overactive or compromised in some way. If the organ is showing disease, it is the chakra that needs to be healed or returned to balance energetically.

The Cancer Rosetta: Use it to decode your own cancer

different cancer treatments through Cancer Rosetta Since cancer is complex and multi-factorial, it is well worth looking at it from many different perspectives. Also, to remember that no one different cancer treatments has all the answers. That’s why we offer you the Cancer Rosetta as a key to your healing journey.

*The original Rosetta stone contains the same information translated into three different languages: Egyptian hieroglyphs, Greek and Egyptian demotic script. Thanks to this, Egyptologists could decipher the hieroglyphic alphabet and make sense of Egypt’s dazzling history and culture.

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The Cancer Rosetta Since cancer is complex and multi-factorial, it is well worth looking at it from many different perspectives. Also, to remember that no one healing system has all the answers. That’s why we offer you the Cancer Rosetta as a key to your healing journey.
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