Macrobiotics and Cancer: How Cancer Occurs (2 of 5)


Verne Varona is a New York based health educator and a highly sought after speaker on health, fitness and motivation. In this 2nd article article of this series, let us understand how cancer occurs through the macrobiotics lens.

Current Prognosis

In 1960, 1 in 4 people (in the USA) had cancer. Today it is 1 in 3. In 15 years, it will be 1 in 2! Cancer has overtaken heart disease as America’s # 1 killer. Last year, over 1,250,000 Americans were diagnosed with cancer and over 650,000 Americans will die from it.

Dr. Know-It-All & His Time-Line Diagnosis

Despite these scary statistics, I believe that physicians, oncologists or surgeons have absolutely no right to give patients a timeline of death. It’s presumptuous, arrogant and more often than not, inaccurate.

The negative psychological power of such a prediction often does more harm than good.

People are not statistics. If everyone who is immediately diagnosed with cancer returns home, suffers from post-diagnostic anxiety, continues to eat the same poor food and maintain the identical unhealthy lifestyle, that they had in the past, in that case, perhaps then they might fit within a statistical disease category.

People are unique individuals with amazing potential for transformation on every level, including cellular. For those who are adventurous enough to change multiple aspects of their lives, beginning with foundational ones such as food and lifestyle, the possibility of exceptional healing definitely exists. Expect a miracle, I always say.

‘A 4th stage cancer client once told meThe highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it

What will you become, after your cancer?

How Cancer Occurs

We need to expand our thinking to comprehend the reasons why someone develops a cellular mutiny such as cancer.

  1. I do not believe that dietary transgressions alone qualify as the primary reason for cancer growing or spreading.
  2. For a very limited amount of cancers genetic factors have their influence
  3. There are environmental factors: toxins, pesticides, x-rays and gamma rays, cosmetic contaminants, etc.
  4. There are emotional factors which influence our blood chemistry and hormonal system.
  5. Lifestyle factors account for the greater majority of cancers: tobacco excess, BBQ fats, daily stress, excess animal protein and fat consumption, simple sugar intake, etc. are essential players in this drama of degeneration.

But, it’s rarely only ONE thing. A number of factors conspire to weaken our immunity, making us more susceptible to cancer’s growth and spread. Apparently, we all have some degree of cancerous cells floating around our blood stream. However, it is the danger of damaged cellular DNA and weakened immunity that no longer effectively combat cellular strangers that gives cancer cells a green light to develop.

Role of Macrobiotics

To address a multi-factorial disease like cancer, we need a multi-dimensional approach to healing and this is where Macrobiotics comes in.

Macrobiotics is a comprehensive way of life, offering practical principles that guide and educate with effective tools to strengthen body, mind and spirit.

Recognizing that we are composed of many bodies: physical, intellectual, emotional, creative and spiritual, macrobiotics offers varied nourishment to sustain our collective growth. The ultimate goal of macrobiotics is to create freedom; from fear, from sickness and from living lives of indifference. To be “macrobiotic” is to have a personal goal of living a large life.


  • For the numerous cancer statistics, there are always a few anecdotes. What changes can you make in your lifestyle to become an anecdote yourself?
  • While we think food nourishes us only physically, good food helps us on multiple levels? How can you be more aware of your diet choices and use it more effectively for holistic healing?


Article adapted from the work of Verne Varona. For over thirty-five years, his lectures, workshops and media appearances have motivated thousands of people to take better and more conscious care of their health. He studied Oriental Medicine and Macrobiotic principles at the East West Foundation of Boston, Massachusetts.

Verne co-created, The ODDS (Off Dangerous Drugs Safely) Program to reverse pharmaceutical and over-the-counter drug dependency with dietary and lifestyle guidelines. He has authored two books: Nature’s Cancer-Fighting Foods and Macrobiotics for Dummies.

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