Cancer Poem By Saurabh Dubey


An inspiring poem about cancer by Saurabh Dubey.

Just keep on going

When you hear about the ‘C’ cells, you sound the warning bells.
Life’s what you make of it, and not just Darwin’s theory of being fit.
Coz even the one with no limbs or legs,
Can outlive the other, who’s got everything but still he begs.

Leave no stone unturned and keep pace with life, never give up on it in sheer strife.
So just push yourself and strive, only then will you truly thrive.
God’s your referee with a keen eye,
So don’t fret if you’re down and ask him why?
Just keep on going with an unruffled spirit, don’t run away from your fears and just face it.

Fight your demons and always have faith in your prayer,
Coz you’re your own Knight in Shining Armor and the Dragon Slayer.
Life’s a journey fraught with difficulties, just show some tenacity,
Become more than a memory and let your deeds bestow you with immortality.


Saurabh Dubey is a student of Advertising at EMDI in Mumbai. He says “it is a bit strange to describe myself, as I’m a man of few words! I’m a blessed person who has incredibly loving and caring parents, siblings and friends. I love simplicity, sincerity and also to explore my surroundings. I’m also a yet-to-be-discovered poet!”


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