Cancer Coach Near Me? Or Cancer Coaching Online?

cancer coach near me

Should I find a cancer coach near me? Or is online coaching better? Many people ask this question. Here is why the online option is worth considering.

Your SHERPA: Friend, Mentor and Guide

A cancer coach can be a blessing and a relief, during a turbulent and uncertain time of your life.

You were swimming pretty well. At least, that’s what you thought.  Suddenly, you’re in this massive storm. It tosses you around. You’re drowning and disoriented. From nowhere, a reassuring hand reaches out and pulls you to a safer place.

Your SHERPA can be your life-line in this storm, your guide through the choppy sea and your cheerleader who encourages you to swim again. When you enrol for the THRIVER Program, you will be assigned a trained and certified cancer coach to help you make the journey from victim or survivor to thriver.

The benefits of online coaching Vs. finding a cancer coach near me

online cancer coachingIsn’t online coaching distant and impersonal, compared to working with a cancer coach near me?

Here are some reasons why online cancer coaching can be very effective.

1. Get the best SHERPA, irrespective of where you live.

You may live in Bangalore … and the best person to coach you might be Singapore-based. Why let location come in the way of your healing journey? Through online coaching, an expert cancer coach and a structured cancer coaching program is just a click away. Our SHERPAs are either survivor, caregiver or practitioners themselves. Plus, we have handpicked and trained them to offer you a range of different and effective holistic practices.

2. Convenience and comfort of home access

You are likely to be busy and preoccupied with your medical treatments. Or you may be suffering the side-effects. At such times, making a trip to meet your coach can be physically and mentally taxing, particularly given the situation with traffic and pollution in most cities. Instead, you can have a powerful coaching session in the privacy of your own home, at a time that works for you.

3. Personal touch

We understand that you may be uncomfortable or feel challenged by technology. We assure you that you will get past it very quickly. After all, you are used to video calls to your loved ones and friends on WhatsApp or FaceTime. Online coaching sessions are no different. In fact, video-coaching brings together the best of both worlds. There is personal touch, because it is still a face-to-face conversation. And the use of technology saves you a lot of time and effort

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