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personal cancer coach for healing

Wondering what a personal cancer coach can do for you? And what is cancer-coaching anyway? Here’s how your personal cancer coach can transform your healing journey.

Be it soccer, cricket, badminton or any sport, you know how crucial the coach’s role is, developing the player and the team. More recently, life-coaching and executive coaching has also gained prominence for people to achieve their personal and professional goals.

When it comes to cancer, no such expertise or service exists, so Cancer Awakens is pioneering the idea of working with a personal cancer coach (we call him/her a SHERPA).

Medical care (Cure) plus Non-Medical care (Heal)

The cancer-care system seems to rely predominantly on mainstream medical treatments. No doubt that these treatments are extremely important and save lives. But recovering from cancer is probably the biggest challenge of your life. You are not prepared, you may have very limited information, you’re physically weak and mentally drained. It requires non-medical care too. Your personal cancer coach is trained and experienced to provide you the right kind of help at any stage of your cancer journey.

Why You Need A Personal Cancer Coach
personal cancer coach aids recovery

  1. Complement your medical treatment: Mainstream treatments focus on the cancer itself, but pays little attention to its larger impact on your mind and your family. When mainstream treatments and cancer coaching work hand-in-hand, it’s most effective.
  2. Holistic & Integrated approach for healing: Cancer affects every aspect of your life: health, family, work, finances, social status, indeed, your entire ecosystem. So you need a more comprehensive approach that takes the whole person and the whole ecosystem into account.
  3. Trained help when needed the most: Your family and friends would try their best to help you during your difficult cancer journey. But that may not be enough. They may not have the training or experience to support you. Having an expert that you can call on, can make all the difference.
  4. Friend, mentor, confidant, guide: There are so many things going on in your head – shock, fear, insecurity, helplessness, powerlessness. During turbulent times you want someone who understands what you’re going through and can help you find your own solutions.
  5. Put your life back together: Every crisis, including cancer, demands change. And every crisis also contains the seeds of change within itself. The challenge is to accept the tough reality and work with those seeds. Hard to do, when you are most vulnerable … and feeling helpless. That’s where your personal coach comes in handy.

Is cancer coaching effective in recovery?

do you need a cancer coachIt’s natural to be cautious about a new concept. The Thriver Program has been very carefully designed and structured for optimum healing, over the last 15 years. It is based on both traditional and modern healing systems that have proved to be effective for years. Click here to view the Program Overview and Detailed Session-wise Outline.

1. The proven science of Psycho-neuro-immunology  

PNI is the ‘Science of Mind-Body Medicine’. It proves beyond any doubt that the mind – our thoughts/ feelings/ emotions can harm or heal the body, depending on how it is used. According to PNI, our psychology (thoughts/ feelings/ emotions) is linked to our neurology (nervous system) and this in turn, is linked to our immunology (immune & endocrine systems). It is the scientific foundation for techniques such as visualization, relaxation, mindfulness, autosuggestion, affirmations, etc.

2. Optimum immunity promotes healing

Science accepts that the best defense (and the best response) against illness is to maintain optimum immunity. Nature has given us a highly sophisticated immune system that is fully capable of keeping us in good health. Many illnesses (including cancer) only take hold when the immune system is weak or it breaks down.

3. Addressing Stressors at all 5 levels

It is well-known that stress compromises immunity. However, it is less well-known that stressors are found at 5 levels: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Systemic and Spiritual. Discovery and recovery from these stressors restores peak immunity and keeps you free from illness (Aarogya) and takes you towards wholeness/ well-being (Swaasthya).

The science of PNI and the 5 Stressor framework are the backbone of our THRIVER program, including the Online Diagnostic Test, the Coaching Protocol and the Assessment of Effectiveness.

Your Personal Cancer Coach is well-trained and experienced in working with all these tools.

To enrol for the THRIVER program, please contact us or email 


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