Meet Sherpa: Bosco D’Mello

Caregiver from 2011: Prostate Cancer

It’s our pleasure to introduce Cancer Awakens Sherpa, Bosco D’Mello. Bosco is a professional Coach and Consultant, based in Mumbai. He has a BA (Econ & Stats).

I was a caregiver to my father-in-law for a few months before we lost him. My father-in-law was diagnosed with advanced stage Prostate cancer in early 2011. He underwent radiotherapy followed by mega surgery in late 2011, which was unsuccessful. He passed away a day after the surgery.

It was a deeply moving experience to see my father-in-law wilt from a healthy, strong man to a pale shadow of himself, trying to be stoic and optimistic about it. We felt like we were guinea pigs in the surgeon’s hands. Prior to surgery, my father-in-law was given a 90% chance of survival and success. He never woke up. It made me realise how fragile, mortal and helpless we are and how cancer pervades the entire family, not just the patient.

My biggest lesson

Stay optimistic and cheerful yourself and help build the patient’s emotional / spiritual muscle to deal with the illness.

My motivation to become a cancer-coach

I want to be of service to those who are in pain and trying to make sense of what’s happening to their lives. I want to become a better human being in the process.

My experience at the Coaching workshop

A wonderfully immersive, thought-provoking, transformative experience of structured discovery. I gained an entirely new perspective on cancer – as an opportunity for transformation, powerful insights into previously unexplored parts of myself and a new lens with which to view adversity.

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