Lessons from an EFT practitioner: Jasmine Bharathan (3 of 3)


EFT can help you heal in more ways then you imagined. EFT practitioner, Jasmine Bharathan shared insights on using EFT for healing from cancer and other diseases.

What results have you experienced, in your role as a healer?

Tumours have vanished

I am often amazed at the quick paced shift in consciousness.  Some of the examples in the previous article clearly indicate that.  I think that is one of the most significant features of Tapping.

There have been instances where tumors have vanished. But I cannot say it was only because of Tapping. My clients were using a combination of various mainstream and complementary approaches. Tapping was one of them.

Uncover emotional stressors

Another feature that I find really amazing is that Tapping gently unfolds “layer-after-layer” that clients can work through and simultaneously uncover life-supporting insights.

Several diligent healers and observers have shown us that guilt and repressed anger are the core emotional factors in cancer. I have seen that is perhaps true.

Reduces stress

However, it is far easier and more natural to start by reducing the stress that is in the present moment and go with what unfolds during the process. At the onset, these underlying feelings may not be accessible. Over time, the deep-rooted feelings unfold naturally and effortlessly … so do the insights … it is an amazing thing to witness.

We are fortunate to be in an age and time where there are many gentle methods to help you through.


Here are few things that cancer patients and survivors can reflect during their cancer journey:

  • Cancer is an opportunity to heal, reconnect with yourself in ways that may not have been possible before.
    How can you respect the cancer as a gift?
  • When people come together to support each other, the energy of the collective is hugely beneficial for each individual. When you are in your heart, and not just your mind, the collective energy uplifts the human spirit and makes the journey a magical experience. What can you do to find and connect with a support community where you can express your feelings and offer emotional support to others going through similar experiences?
  • If you are feeling angry, frustrated and upset, don’t force gratitude and healthy thoughts. It will just add to the stress. Only when you acknowledge their existence can you release them and feel a natural sense of appreciation and gratitude. It will be easier then to gradually and consciously adopt healthier, life supporting thoughts and ways of life. How can you address those feelings of frustration honestly? What steps can you take to bring in appreciation, gratitude and healthy thoughts into your life?
  • How can you involve your family in your cancer journey? Is there anything you can do to allow them to express and heal their fears and anxieties?
  • If you become aware of getting too caught in ‘mistakes’ or ‘regrets’ of the past or how wonderful life used to be in comparison with the present condition. What can you do to gently bring yourself to the present moment?
  • Don’t judge yourself too harshly if you slip back in self-care and compassion. Just bring yourself back to it and move on. It becomes easier and effortless when you begin to see the helpfulness. How can you be  gentle with yourself?
  • Try and set a good sleep routine.  If possible and after checking with your doctor, adopt a comfortable, simple exercise routine (like walking). What can you do to switch to a healthier, more peaceful lifestyle?

Additional support resources


Jasmine Bharathan is a student of Transpersonal Psychology and has 14 years experience as a facilitator in the field. She shares EFT and TAT as intervention tools, and meditation and mindfulness practice to deepen awareness. EFT is often referred to as ‘Tapping’. She uses her own version of the procedure. In this article, Jasmine shares her experiences and insights on dealing with cancer. For more information, please browse her website: http://heal-empower.com. For more articles on EFT on Cancer Awakens, click here. To visit the official EFT website, click here.

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