Yoga Promotes Quality Of Life Among Breast Cancer Patients


Does yoga work for cancer? There are several conflicting opinions on the effectiveness of yoga for cancer. Jessica D’Angelo, owner of Shine Yoga Studio in Perkasie, USA explains how using yoga alongside mainstream treatments can be beneficial..

Is yoga good for cancer patients?

“I’m very against alternative medicine,” says Jessica D’Angelo. “We’d never recommend that here. But if anyone wants to keep their spirits up while dealing with cancer, yoga is a great way to do that. Yoga maintains and conditions the body’s stamina during treatment.”

Chemotherapy and radiation can take a significant toll on the body, leaving patients exhausted and feeling ill with severe side effects.

“Yoga combines light exercise, meditation and a general feeling of well-being,” D’Angelo said. “It’s a powerful tool to help facilitate someone’s healing.”

How yoga and meditation works for cancer healing

Although yoga is not a painkiller, D’Angelo said she finds that, conceptually speaking, it works in a similar way. “Painkillers help your body relax, and when your body is relaxed, it can rest. And when your body is resting, it can heal itself,” she said. “Yoga is the same – it helps you relax and rest, which opens your body to healing.”

Meditation and yoga can also provide emotional healing. After leaving a yoga class, D’Angelo said her students feel more relaxed and optimistic.

“Meditation and yoga requires focusing on the positive, and letting negativity go. Doctors talk about your sickness; in a yoga class, we talk about your health. When you focus on the positive aspect of your health and well-being, that feeling grows exponentially.”


  • While the medical treatment addresses the affected area of your body what steps can you take for an holistic healing of mind and body?
  • Have you considered including holistic therapies like yoga and meditation to complement your medical treatment and also manage the side-effects?



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