Death & Loss: Quotes (7 of 8)

A compilation of insightful quotes to reflect upon the mystery of Death.

Death & Loss: How To Die Before You Die (6 of...

Diagnosed with cancer, life as you knew it has ended. Here is how to rewrite rules, set boundaries and live life on your terms.
deathbed regrets

Death & Loss: Top Five Regrets Of The Dying (5 of...

An excerpt from Bronnie Ware's article, with simple and powerful insights that are relevant for those who are dying (as well as for everyone else!)

Death & Loss: What Actually Happens At The Time Of Death?...

Hospice nurses Maggie Callahan and Patricia Kelley identify the important signs just prior to and up to the time of death, so you know what to expect and ways in which you can ease the passing.

Death & Loss: Cancer’s Five Shocks (3 of 8)

These are the five major ‘shocks’ that someone with cancer and his family have to deal with.

Death & Loss: Five Stages Of Grieving (2 of 8)

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' famous five stages of grieving, and how they apply to cancer.