Participant Feedback: From Illness To Wholeness


We are deeply grateful to the participants of our retreats, workshops and one-on-one coaching clients for their feedback. We have healed and grown as much as they have in our encounters. These ‘adventures of consciousness’ are a never-ending, exhilarating, transformative experience for us all!

Retreats Feedback

“The retreat was an eye-opener. After attending the retreat, I tend to appreciate more the good things that have happened to me after my illness.”

I am now friendlier with the ‘cancer’ word, and I have the conviction that any illness can be reversed by changing our lifestyle.”

The retreat has given me a new vision, direction, a new way of looking at things happening around me. More so, it has given a new way of looking at Cancer and disease in general”

 “There was a definite reason for the cancer: to make life wholesome, I need a lot of new elements – diet, rest, meditation, learning, etc – in my life; To be more open, forgive and respect the Shadow.”

 “I enjoyed every single bit of it: location, sessions, discussions, yoga, breaks, yoga-nidra, etc.”

 “I most enjoyed the positive attitude of our facilitators and the creative range of exploratory methods in addressing fear and managing illness”

“The amazing pace and structure, the richness of the content and the amazing facilitation;each and every discussion brought resonance and value to one or more of the participants. Superb!”

Cancer Coaching Feedback

“Nilima helped me break up my issue/s into smaller, more understandable pieces. She helped me gain courage and strength.”

 “Nilima is pleasantly approachable and available whenever one needs her. When I seek information/clarification from her, she simplifies the most difficult of concepts in a manner, which surprises me each time.”

“Nilima’s work is truly incredible. I experienced “I AM YOGA” at a time in my life when I was undergoing a personal crisis. I am differently and more distinctly connected with myself and my life in general since then.”

 “I am a much calmer, positive, balanced person now than I was before…”

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