LAF And Let Go!


Laughter eases stress and improves immunity. LAF and Let Go is an emotional fitness workout and support group for women against breast cancer.

A stress-busting play-shop to Love, Accept, Forgive your way to emotional freedom and health. Come understand the healing power of these themes in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. Learn innovative meridian therapies and targeted affirmations and experience their multiplied effect when done in a supportive group setting.

  • Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) establishes the link between stress-immunity-illness and is the science behind mind-body medicine.
  • Breast Cancer has a strong co-relation with unresolved emotional stress around Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness and Letting-go.
  • The purpose of this periodic workshop-cum-support group is to help participants regularly identify their stressful emotional issues and LAF & Let Go them to secure their long-term health.
  • Mind-body medicine tools including EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Healing Affirmations will be used to release the stressful emotions. Done collectively, the results are further amplified.
  • Subtle shifts and deep healing are known to occur. Participants often resolve chronic stress and achieve a new level of peace and acceptance.
  • The easy to learn techniques in this LAF & Let Go session have lasting therapeutic benefits and will support and enhance all round Wellbeing and Relationships.

Nilima conducts LAF and Let Go sessions widely. She was invited to conduct LAF and Let Go at the 6th World Conference on Breast Cancer in Hamilton, Canada, among other places.


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