Ode To The White Blood Cell


The white blood cells are an integral part of your immune system. It’s main role is to protect your body from infections and illnesses. Chemotherapy and cancer drugs are known to diminish the white blood cells in your blood. Here’s an honest ode to the white blood cell.

Welcome, greetings little cell!
What a wondrous sight you be.
But please go forth and multiply
For more we need to see.

You have a busy time ahead,
To fight the nasty stuff.
So just you go and find some mates
‘Cos one ain’t quite enough!

Don your armour, raise your sword,
And into battle ride.
Show not faint heart nor weak intent
‘Cos we’re all on your side!

And then, victorious may you rise
In a host who’s fit and strong.
Then send him out into the world,
He’s been abed for far too long!

He just wants healthy bits and bobs,
His arms, his legs, his hooter.
So he can get right outa here.
And ride upon his scooter!!!


This poem was written by Daisy and Jessica Mash, both cancer patients and who are now recovering from a stem cell transplant. It was first published on the website http://www.cancernet.co.uk/poems.htm and has been reproduced here with the kind permission of Mrs. Rene Marston, from Contact Magazine.


Shared by Smit Zaveri, a student of Communications from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.


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