Cancer Awakens Newsletter - May 2018

Message from Vijay

Hi, In response to our last message, some of you asked me to clarify this. Here goes …

Cancer is traumatic for everyone, that’s for sure. Yet, we see people responding in one of 3 very different ways.

a) VICTIMS give their power away: to the family, to the doctor, to the priest, and sometimes, even to the charlatan. They live on someone else’s terms, not their own. They don’t recover from the perceived “attack on them” and they reconcile themselves to somehow coping with a “sub-normal” life.
b) SURVIVORS fight the good fight, using strength, will-power, courage and optimism. With a “we shall overcome” approach, they don’t buckle or give up hope. Aiming to put the distressing episode behind them, they claw their way back to a semblance of the “old normal”.
c) THRIVERS don’t see cancer as a death sentence; they view it as an opportunity to awaken, heal and grow. They don’t give in to self-pity (like victims) or go to war (like survivors). They live each precious day as newer and better versions of themselves. They reclaim and reset their lives by creating a ‘New Normal’

If you – or someone you know – wants to become a Thriver, talk to us!

Thanks, Vijay

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