Cellular Healing Meditation: Free Download

Cellular healing mediation for cancer

The Cellular Healing Meditation has been developed over 10 years by Nilima Bhat. We teach this unique, 45-minute  meditation to all our clients. They report feeling calm, energized, positive and hopeful after doing it; this state enables physical healing.

What is Cellular Healing Meditation

The meditation is based on two key pillars:

1. Relaxation & Visualisation

The use of relaxation techniques, self-awareness and positive mental imagery to enhance the healing response, inspired by the work of pioneers like Carl & Stephanie Simonton, Lawrence Le Shan, Jon Kabat-Zinn and others. Most people are unaware of their astonishing success rates when it comes to cancer recovery and survival rates.

Their central premise of Cellular Healing Meditation is that

“Emotional and mental states play a significant role both in susceptibility to and recovery from all disease, including cancer. If the total integrated system of body, mind and emotions, which constitutes the whole person is not working in the direction of health, then purely physical interventions may not succeed.”

The core elements in their approach are:

  • Relaxation: to break the tension/ fear and also accept the body as a partner in the healing process
  • Self-awareness: as the means to dig deep into one’s motivations, aspirations and distortions
  • Mental imagery: as a tool for actively influencing the immune system

2. Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (PNI)

The psycho-neuro-immunology axis is based upon the work of renowned experts like Candace Pert, Larry Dossey and others. We founded the meditation based on these insights and inspired by the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Hence, it includes the most potent, catalytic elements from transformational practices and teachings from around the world. For instance

  • The double-spiral meditation symbol (yantra) is based on the golden ratio. Drawn from sacred geometry, this ratio is considered to be the blueprint of all creation. It is especially relevant because it works to re-orient and re-align cellular energetic-structures with the natural, healthy rhythms of the larger system.
  • ater, the universal solvent to flush out not just physical toxins but also more subtle ones such as negative emotions and thoughts. Especially the issues around Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness and Letting go that correlate to breast cancer.
  • Physical and breathing exercises from Yoga are included to direct the flow of life-force and healing energy through to the cells
  • Similarly, the chanting of specific sounds (mantras or vibrational keys) and positive affirmations are used to unlock the latent spiritual forces within.

We recommend this practice be done daily for 21 days, to gain the maximum benefit.

Free Downloads

The Cellular Healing Meditation consists of a series of 8 downloadable audio tracks that aim to target and heal each and every cell of the human body by awakening in each, the healing power of the Soul-Spirit-Supreme Self.


  • First of all, it is important to open and access the three centres of Divinity


  • Breathwork to unify full body & whole brain-mind


  • To unblock all energy-flow channels and also for better circulate the divine energy throughout the body


  • Bringing peace to the adhar using water, the universal solvent


  • For Integral and ongoing protection and perfection


  • Shredding and releasing the disease -decay templates surrounding each cell and replacing them with divine templates of health which is almost like starting afresh.


  • Another important to do is to become a Source of Divine energy and unconditionally radiating peace, healing and goodwill into the world.


  • To enter into a state of Gratitude for all the grace you have received and affirming having achieved a state of perfect health

Reminder: To gain the maximum benefit, please follow this practice daily for 21 days.

Client Feedback

This client had a ‘miraculous’ outcome after practicing for the recommended 21 days:

“I felt that the visualizations, covered in the meditation, actually had a positive ‘physical’ effect on the body. I believe that the cellular meditation has resulted in sending signals and positive energy to the cancerous cells to cure/balance themselves. After the treatment, my stage 4 cancerous tumors melted away (PET scan completely negative) and the anticipated surgery was not needed. I believe that this could not have been only because of the chemo+radiation and that the meditation accelerated the recovery.”

 Another feedback from a workshop participant, where we taught the practice:

“Thanks to Nilima, the courses I did with her, her guidance and a wonderful healing meditation audio she made for me, they helped me in my recovery from difficult surgeries.  In my moments of illness, anxiety & depression, I was always counting on the healing techniques I had learned and I give a lot of credit to Nilima for helping me come out of my difficult times



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