Anamika Chakravarty

Thriver since 2016: Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma & Uterine Cancer

We’re pleased to introduce Cancer Awakens Sherpa, Anamika Chakravarty. Now based in Mumbai, Anamika was previously a senior corporate executive. She has a B.Sc (Maths), an M.Sc (Computer Technology) and an MBA from IIM Bangalore.

I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (Grade 3) in Jan 2016. After 6 rounds of chemotherapy, I was declared cancer-free in June 2016. I was subsequently diagnosed with cancer of the uterus (2nd primary – Grade 2) in March 2017, for which I underwent successful radical surgery. I am currently in remission.

My biggest lesson

To take very, very good care of the body – to nourish and nurture it. As a result of the cancer experience, I am very aware of my thoughts and emotions. I don’t let them overpower my senses!

My motivation to become a cancer-coach

Not knowing the cause, whether and when it will reappear, what the side effects of the treatment may be – cancer patients find all these uncertainties difficult to grapple with. There are many questions and not too many answers forthcoming. Having gone through this myself, I would like to help others in the process.

My experience at the Coaching Workshop

I had the opportunity to learn and evolve myself and find my higher purpose. In the process, I have shifted from a ‘Self’ to a ‘Service’ orientation.
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