Meet the Cancer Awakens SHERPAs

Anamika Chakravarty

Thriver since 2016: Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma & Uterine Cancer

Anamika wants to help people understand how thoughts and emotions can affect one’s physical health.

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Anand Tendolkar

Caregiver from 2008-2013:
Ovarian Cancer

Having lost his wife (Anuja) to cancer, Anand wants to help others to appreciate the importance of \’acceptance\’ for healing.

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Anju Kurien

Thriver since 2011:
Breast Cancer

Anju wants to help others discover the Holistic approach and social support that helped her heal.

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Bosco D’Mello

Caregiver from 2011:
Prostate Cancer

Bosco wants to help cancer patients and their families make sense of their pain and come out stronger.

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Chandni Lamba

Caregiver since 2008: Wegener’s Granulomatosis, Endometrial Cancer, Bladder Cancer

Chandni wants to dispel the ignorance around cancer and help focus on healing.

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Jaishree Kannan

Thriver since 2008:
Ovarian Cancer

Jaishree wants to help people understand the body\’s innate healing abilities and to love themselves.

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Kimi Shaabi

Caregiver from 2015-2017:
Oesophagal Cancer

After the loss of her husband (Neeraj), Kimi wants to help people find purpose during cancer’s life-altering experience.

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Dr. Niraj Mehta

Radiation Oncologist since 2008

Oncologist by profession and music/movement artist by passion, Niraj wants to make the cancer journey exciting and fulfilling … even a celebration!

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Purva Rakesh


An experienced practitioner of Reiki, Transactional Analysis & Emotional Literacy, Purva wants to help demystify cancer and provide emotional support.

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Shakuntala Devulapally

Thriver since 2009:
Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Shakuntala wants to help people heal by drawing strength from aligning mind, body, and soul.

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Sunil Issar

Thriver since 2006:
Oral Cancer

Sunil wants to use his Coaching skills to help people cultivate mental strength and a positive attitude for their healing.

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Viji Ramakrishnan

Thriver since 2002:
Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Viji wants to promote empathy and optimism as a way to see cancer as a transformative experience.

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Yogesh Mathuria

Caregiver since 2005:
Pancreatic Cancer

After losing his wife (Bhavna), Yogesh wants to help people realise that ‘care’ goes beyond financial resources and medical treatments.

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FREE Downloads: E-books, Healing techniques & more!

FREE Downloads: E-books, Healing techniques & more!