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Here’s a quick round-up of busy-busy-busy 2018 and a sneak-peek into 2019. Watch this space for our Holistic Health Questionnaire! The HHQ is a unique (and FREE) online diagnostic tool that helps uncover your Stressors & Strengths, so you can actively address them. We have designed it not only for people facing cancer, and their caregivers/family members, but also for a general audience, since Stress is a universal concern these days. With much gratitude for your support in 2018 and greetings for a trail-blazing 2019, full of good health & good cheer! Warmly, Vijay. 

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A very strange thing to say, isn’t it? But Anju Kurien, Breast Cancer Thriver and Cancer Awakens Sherpa thinks otherwise. In the 2nd part of this 2-part series, find out how she found renewed strength on her path of self-discovery. Exploring Complementary Therapies When she asked her onco-surgeon, “What more can...

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How Thriving after cancer is possible
Cancer survior adopts a pet crab and transforms his life watch and share the video

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