Workplace Stress & Wellness Program: ‘From Stress To Swaasthya’

manage workplace stress

Workplace stress can compromise immunity and cause physical and mental illnesses. Even from the management point of view, it can hamper quality of work and productivity. But the good news is you can go from Stress To Swaasthya using an holistic approach. To ennrol/ enquire: please call Anamika at +91-97693-55585 or email her at

What is stress really?

We might be better educated, more affluent and have access to more comforts and conveniences than our parents. But we are running faster than ever, trying to keep up with life’s demands. ‘Stress’ is now our metaphor for all the turbulence and friction caused by this fast-paced lifestyle. But what is stress really?

Crazy deadlines and targets are a part and parcel of our work life. We eat unhealthy meals at odd hours, face the polluted commute and deal with uncertainty at many levels. As a result, our body and mind are constantly under attack.

46% of workforce in firms in India suffer from some or the other form of stress: Data

Workplace stress alert: 60% of employees plan to quit jobs soon, says a survey

As the demands and pressure increase, we stretch ourselves to grow professionally and unfortunately, many of us pay a very high price personally. Even if we recognise this paradox, lasting solutions are not easy to find. We need an ongoing, holistic approach.

How to manage workplace stress

Workplace Wellness Program can help you:

  • Understand how stress can cause illness and the value of maintaining optimum immunity in handling it.
  • Uncover your own ‘Stressors’: physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual.
  • Learn a simple, powerful ‘Presence’ practice that you can use daily … and specially when you face turbulence.

Turning ‘Stress’ into ‘Swaasthya’ has tangible benefits. Personally, you get better all-round health, higher energy levels, personal growth. Also professionally, it can result in increased productivity, engagement and motivation.

For more details, please connect with Anamika at +91-97693-55585 or email her on with the subject: Workplace Wellness.


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