Wit: Movie Review


“Wit” is a heart warming movie which shows a spirited fight against the debilitating illness called cancer.

“You have cancer”

Dr. Vivian Bearing is a professor of the 17th century metaphysical poetry of John Dunn. She is in her late 40s when she diagnosed with Stage 4 advanced metastatic ovarian cancer.

The movie beautifully captures the intensity of Vivian’s emotions of anxiety, embarrassment, and loneliness that she goes through her cancer treatment. She isn’t afraid of not making it through to the treatment; she’s more or less a guinea pig in the heavily dosed treatment process.

Cancer – a time to introspect

Vivian was a loner and doesn’t want anyone to visit her. She had lost her parents: her father to a heart attack and her mother to breast cancer.

The only person who seems to care for her is a staff nurse, Susie. Vivian reminisces from time to time; the memories of her childhood and college life keep her sane and happy.
She is humbled by her life-changing experience.

Whilst in her condition, she truly understands that she should have given more time to her personal life instead of having completely dedicated to her life to her work as a professor and a scholar.

As she feels her life coming to an end, she realises that she had been insensitive to people around her. She humbly accepts the profound truth that it’s important to be empathetic to others rather than to be just an intellectual, lost in her books.

She finally understands that cancer showed her what she had missed out in life – the warmth and value of human connections.


Saurabh Dubey is a student of Advertising at EMDI in Mumbai. It’s a bit strange to describe myself, as I’m a man of few words! I’m a blessed person who has incredibly loving and caring parents, siblings and friends. I love simplicity, sincerity and also to explore my surroundings. I’m also a yet-to-be-discovered poet!

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