What Causes Mouth And Throat Cancer: Mental and Emotional Triggers To Consider


We are more familiar with the physical aspects of what causes mouth and throat cancer. But what about the possible mental and emotional triggers? Let’s explore the symbolic view of mouth & throat cancer based on the work of renowned healers and holistic practitioners.

Mouth and throat: their physical function

what causes mouth and throat cancer, spiritual causesThe mouth is a hollow cavity that allows food and air to enter our system. It also aids ingestion and digestion.

Located in the front part of the neck, the throat consists of three parts.

  • The pharynx is a part of the digestive and respiratory systems.
  • On the other hand, the larynx is involved in producing sound, breathing, and protecting  the wind-pipe from food which is aspirated.
  • While the epiglottis is a small valve that keeps wind-pipe (trachea) and food-pipe (oesophagus) separate.

Together the mouth and throat produce speech – a human hallmark. Besides, they play a crucial role in breathing, chewing and swallowing.

Psychological importance and symbolism

  • The mouth and throat are important organs because they aid both inflow and outflow
  • They represent our readiness to take in nourishment (food and air)
  • Equally, they are also organs of self-expression because they help give ‘voice’ to our feelings, needs and opinions.
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What causes mouth and throat cancer: a broader view

Let’s go deeper to understand what causes mouth and throat cancer from the psychological and symbolic viewpoint.

1. Closed mind

In the book Anatomy Of The Spirit, noted author Caroline Myss states that the throat is influenced by the fifth yogic (Vishuddha) chakra.

  • The fifth chakra is considered to be the center of choice and consequence, which determines our spiritual karma.
  • Every choice we make, every thought and feeling we have, is an act of power that has biological, environmental, social, personal, and global consequences.
  • But if you close your mind to possibilities, remain stuck with fixed opinions and are unwilling to accept change, this can disturb in the fifth chakra and lead to illness.

2. Inability to speak-up

Beyond physical speech, the mouth and throat are also about speaking-up and speaking-out.

what causes mouth and throat cancer, mental and emotional

  • When you are unable to articulate what you believe, need or expect, it can lead to pent up emotions.
  • Such feelings of anger, frustration, injustice or stifled creativity can eventually undermine your immunity.

3. Joy and grief

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) points to a correlation between mouth and throat cancer and the emotions of Joy & Grief.

TCM emphasises harmony, balance and moderation in all aspects of life.

  • Even though Joy is a positive emotion, the lack of, or excessive joy, can be a cause of concern.
  • In the same way, excessive worry and unprocessed grief can disturb your system’s balance.
  • Such imbalances can block the flow of your vital energy (Qi or Prana) and ultimately manifest in disease.


  • What aspects of your life are you ‘chewing on’, but are unable to ‘swallow’?
  • Which aspects of your life do you have ‘no appetite’ for or ‘sticks in your throat’?
  • What do you feel intensely or have strong opinions about, that you struggle to ‘give voice’ to?
  • Also, what ideas, values or beliefs are you holding close? How do you refresh or ‘ventilate’ these, if they feel dated or obsolete?
  • When do you express yourself honestly and openly, particularly around difficult issues
  • How do you channelise your creative energies? When do your ‘creative juices’ flow freely? When do you feel ‘choked’ (and why)?
  • What are some of your hidden worries? Who do you confide them in?
  • What kind of life would you like to create for yourself?
  • What are your primary sources of Joy? How much do you engage/spend time with them?



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