What Causes Liver Cancer: Mental and Emotional Triggers To Consider

what causes liver cancer, mental and emotional triggers

What causes liver cancer is often seen from the physical lens. But have you considered the possible mental and emotional triggers that could contribute? Read on to view liver cancer through a symbolic lens.

The liver: its physical function

The liver is a large, complex and vital organ located on the right side of the abdomen. It is responsible for producing and storing energy.  It’s core function is to filter the blood coming from the digestive tract, before it passes it to the rest of the body. Besides, it processes and synthesises proteins. It also plays a vital role in detoxifying external and internal poisons, including bilirubin & urea.

Psychological importance and symbolism

anger is what causes liver cancer

  • Many healing systems consider the liver as the ‘gateway’ that regulates the flow of substances in the body
  • It represents the idea of “assessment” and “discernment of what is good from what is bad”.
  • Some systems consider the liver to be central to your health; even associating it with the extent of your faith in your philosophy or religion.
The Cancer Rosetta - How Different Healing Systems Understand Cancer

What causes liver cancer: a deeper view

While focusing single-mindedly on curing the physical disease, it is easy to forget that what causes liver cancer, could actually lie within you. Similarly, the key to holistic healing also lies within you.

1. Survival, Aggression and Anger issues

  • Renowned author and healer, Louise Hay describes the liver as ‘the seat of anger and primitive emotions’ in her book You can heal your life.
  • According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver plays an important role in moving Qi (universal energy) smoothly and correctly. Being constantly angry or aggressive, tense or ‘stuck’ and unable to remain calm can cause your Qi to stagnate. It is important to get you Qi flowing to promote recovery. So managing your anger becomes crucial for keeping your liver healthy.

2. Challenges with Self-esteem and Self-Worth

Many authors correlate self-esteem and self-worth issues with liver cancer.

  • In Anatomy of the Spirit, Caroline Myss associates the liver with the third yogic chakra. This Manipura chakra impacts your personal ambitions, your sense of responsibility, and your respect for your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your fears and secrets that we are not yet ready to face.
  • As a result, some people can fall prey to immmoderation, ideas of grandeur and over-lofty ideals, where you set unrealistic expectations for yourself. On the other hand, some people go to the other extreme. Their low self-esteem manifests as constant complaining, blaming others, self-deception, and sensitivity to criticism
  • Another hypothesis is around weak personal boundaries, which means you cannot discern where your boundaries are. So you get entangled in other people’s issues and cannot extricate yourself, which can worsen the equation.


  • What typically triggers anger in you? How do you process/ express/ manage it?
  • When are you willing to admit that you are wrong? When do you blame others to protect yourself?
  • How open are you to feedback about yourself? What do you resist when you are criticised?
  • How accurately do you evaluate and discern between options? What are your decision criteria?
  • What excesses or deficits in your life need some moderation/ regulation?
  • When is it OK to misrepresent the truth … and why?
  • In what situations do you impose YOUR idea of ‘the larger good’ on others? And , how does it usually play out?
  • What do you typically feel unappreciated/ misunderstood about?



  1. My Uncle Sigmund just died from liver cancer. I know he suffered from anger, and low self-esteem, so I find your analysis to be very fair.

    I love him deeply.

    God Bless.


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