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Breast Cancer Thriver, Anju Begins A New Journey (Part 1)

For most people, cancer is the end of the road. But for Anju Kurien, Breast Cancer Thriver and Cancer Awakens Sherpa, cancer was the...
personal cancer coach program

How Our THRIVER Cancer Coach Program Works

Curious about how our unique THRIVER cancer coach program works? Here is a brief overview of the process and methodology. Discover how cancer coaching can support...
what to do after cancer diagnosis

Cancer Diagnosis: After The Shock, What Next?

After a cancer diagnosis, you may feel the end is near. But there is good evidence to suggest that you can survive and even...
my cancer is me by Vijay Bhat

My Cancer Is Me: Is That Possible?

We often ask 'Why me?' after a cancer diagnosis. But we don't realise that 'My cancer is me'. Yes, that's right. Cancer is a...
time to have the cancer talk

The Cancer Talk: Time To Break The Taboo

Many patients and families simply avoid the cancer talk, probably due to fear, stigma or ignorance. In reality, sharing your cancer journey openly and...

Who is a SHERPA?

Friend, Mentor, Guide, Expert Your Cancer Awakens Sherpa is uniquely and superbly qualified to help you walk the path from ‘trauma-to-transformation’, during the challenging cancer...

E-Books: By Cancer Awakens (Free Download)

Free Downloads! The Cancer Awakens team has carefully curated and compiled our key articles into eBooks that are easy to download, print and share. Words...

How Cancer Coaching Helped Address Breast Cancer Stressors

This is the case study of a breast cancer thriver. During her cancer treatment, she reflected on her life and let go of her...

How Cancer Coaching Helped Address Ovarian Cancer Stressors

This is the case study of an ovarian cancer thriver. During her cancer treatment, she reflected on her life and reconnected with herself. See...
How Thriving after cancer is possible

Thriving After Cancer Is Possible

Cancer survior adopts a pet crab and transforms his life watch and share the video

Positive Thinking And Cancer Survival: Is There A Link?

Positive thinking and cancer survival are deeply connected. Our language and mindset about cancer reflects how we see cancer. The negative vocabulary around the...
cancer thrivers way of life

Cancer Thrivers Create ‘The New Normal’

Surviving cancer - the five things that successful thrivers do, which you can learn from.

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