Spontaneous Healing (Andrew Weill): Book Review


Spontaneous healing is possible even when the chances are bleak. Andrew T. Weil, well-known American author and physician in the field of holistic health shares true stories of ‘spontaneous healing’ experiences. His main message is that we can “discover and enhance our body’s natural ability to maintain and heal itself”.

Spontaneous Healing

Andrew T. Weil is a well-known American author and physician in the field of holistic health. He is the founder and Program Director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, which he started in 1994 at the University of Arizona. Weil published his first book, The Natural Mind, in 1972. His early works explored altered states of consciousness, but he has since expanded his scope to encompass healthy lifestyles and health care in general.

Health, Healing and Medicine

Dr. Weil wrote Spontaneous Healing in an effort to change people’s attitudes toward health, healing, and the practice of medicine itself. Subtitled “How to Discover and Enhance Your Body’s Natural Ability to Maintain and Heal Itself,” this book presents Dr. Weil’s thoughts and suggestions combined with true stories of ‘spontaneous healing’ experiences.

Weil states that ‘spontaneous healing’ is a natural result of putting all the body’s systems back in harmony. He focuses on the body’s healing system, suggesting that it is both in-built and invaluable. He also outlines how to optimize this healing system, giving helpful advice on diet, toxins, tonics, and other aspects.

The power of the mind

The book also reiterates how our mind plays a key role in both causing and healing illness and Dr. Weil gives us a few anecdotes on how little precautions and altered mindsets that have changed peoples’ lives.

As Winston Churchill once said, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”

A Remarkable Story of a Cancer Thriver

Diagnosed with the critical “empty marrow syndrome”

Kristin Killops shouldn’t be alive today and definitely not with children of her own. Her doctors had sent her home to die and were quite clear that her aggressive treatments had destroyed her reproductive capacity.

Her journey began when she was nineteen years old in Hawaii, when she had unexplainable bruises all over her body. Her doctor asked her to take iron supplements but there was no improvement. Further blood tests revealed aplastic anemia.  “Aplastic” means “without form”: it wipes out the normal components of bone marrow, leading to “empty marrow syndrome”, where empty space and fat replace normal blood-forming cells!

Aggressive treatments for the aggressive illness

In Kristin’s case, there was identifiable cause but there was a suspicion of toxic exposure. She arrived at Santa Barbara, California, desperately ill with almost no functioning marrow.

The hospital had to keep Kristin in a protective “reverse isolation” environment to minimize contact with germs and she was given washes with disinfectants. Absence of platelets creates the risk of abnormal bleeding, internally and externally.

Her doctors tried everything possible. They put her on steroids but thought she was too ill to survive and sent her to UCLA Medical center in LA for a bone-marrow transplant, which Kristin decided against.

Instead, Kristin found a healer and she also started taking lots of vitamins and other dietary supplements, but by then the doctors had given up all hope.

A new lease of life through alternative therapy

But Kristin sure didn’t. She tried every kind of alternative therapy, in spite of being terribly weak. She experimented with psychic healing and visualization based on the hospital psychologist’s referral to a UCLA researcher who was studying psychic healing.

Through him she found a healer who used hypnotherapy as well as the laying of hands. She met the healer twice a week while she was in a critical condition in hospital and dramatically, after two weeks, she saw a rise in marrow and blood count. Medically, this was unheard of and the same doctors who had said that they had no hope, decided to send her back home!

Kristin battled on. She found another healer to do the hands-on treatments and maintained a strict diet. Her medical results miraculously improved, but she was still weak.

In all, Kristin spent over 6 months in hospital. One year after the onset of her illness, she knew she was going to live.

The doctors had also told Kristin she would never have children due to the high hormone doses that had stopped her cycle as well. But one psychic healer put her hand on her pelvis, told her it was dark in there and asked her to fast for one week. Lo and behold, her period began once more!

And the best part?

Twenty years later, Kristin is completely healthy and the proud mother of four healthy children. Her recovery was so unusual from the medical point of view that one of her doctors presented her case at an international conference on aplastic anemia.

This is what Kristin tells others facing grave medical crisis :

“There may be different ways to healing for different people, but there is always a way for you. Keep searching!”


  • In your own life, when did you think something is impossible, then actually achieved it?
  • How can you bring that mental/ emotional power to your cancer journey?
  • What can you do to aid the body’s natural function of healing?
  • Alongside medical treatments, what holistic practices can you incorporate?


Book: “Spontaneous Healing” By Andrew Thomas Weil
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Written by Aditi Nayar, a student of Communications at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.

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  1. I am amazed to read how Kristin was cured. I also am a patient of Aplastic anemia suffering form 2004 and surviving on blodd transfusion. Do you know of any doctor in India who also can take up my case for hypo therapy. Shall be obliged…

    • Thanks for writing in, Bashabi. I’m not sure what hypo therapy is … did you mean hypno-therapy? If you did, then I would refer you to practitioners certified by California Institute of Hypnosis … they are available across many cities in India.

  2. If,any one wants to know why how body functions they must live in present ,consciou liveing , makes strong , mentaly nd physically. each indviual is uniqe in this universe, even medicine can not heal but supports healin g your thought makes to heal and always likes to accept natural healing , hunger is disease food is medicine. When we think positive ,talk to your body , respect your body it will direct you to the right direction. only love nd compassion always helps to select right food in right time to give strenth to heal by itself, power ful drug is faith and paitence, peace . concentrate inthe heart hear its voice follow its dictates. your the healer your the feeler your the lover of your own body. RJASHEKAR SELF HEALING GUIDE.

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