Smoking Kills: A Parody By Dr. Dilip Nadkarni


Dr Dilip Nadkarni kicked the habit of smoking about 30 years ago. Now he urges smokers to quit the cancer stick, now and for good. Dr Nadkarni sang this parody on World No Tobacco day on 31st May.

Dr Dilip Nadkarni is a Mumbai based Orthopedic surgeon affiliated to Lilavati Hopsital. He specializes in Arthroscopic or keyhole surgeries on knees mainly for sports injuries. His passion is music and he finds time to write songs, compose music and sing. His music videos on social issues are uploaded on youtube, “CalmSutra” being his channel. Dr Dilip Nadkarni has written books like Knee Problem No Problem, REAL Fitness and Calm Sutra, the Art of Relaxation.



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