Vegan Diet & Lifestyle Change Can Reverse Breast Cancer: Debra Williams


With her faith in God, Williams was convinced there had to be another option besides chemotherapy. She shares her cancer experience.

In April 2012, Debra Williams was told something that every woman fears hearing after feeling a lump in their breast “You have breast cancer.” But despite this tragic news, Williams did not feel lost or terrified.

Her mind was in a good place, and the following month she had the cancerous tumor removed from her breast. Then she did something that had her doctors and friends thinking she was completely insane – she refused to undergo chemotherapy!

To read the full story, click here.

IMPORTANT: Cancer Awakens does not recommend that any one declines medical treatment. We propose a ‘complementary’ (Holistic & Integrated) approach to cancer and not an ‘alternative’ one.


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