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My Cancer Is Me is a thought-provoking and sensitive guide for anyone who has cancer or is supporting a loved one with cancer. Here is a note from the editor Rukmini Chawla Kumar.

Rukmini Chawla Kumar – Hay House India

“Vijay and Nilima’s book, My Cancer is Me, will be read by many people. It will be read by family and friends, of course, but it will be primarily be picked up by readers who are struggling with cancer, either directly, or indirectly because of a loved one.

My relationship with this book is somewhat different, but no less involved. In fact, it has been a very intimate involvement for me as the editor of this book.

My purpose for writing this is not to tell you what the book is about. I’m sure you know that already. But as someone who has worked on this book day after day, through every word and every thought, I want to say that this book is a treasure.

If you have cancer or your loved one does, I would want to put this book into your hands. Because it shows you a way out. It shows you a way into hope and light. It empowers you, even if your body is broken and your spirit is shattered. (Actually, that is a fine time to pick up this book.)

The book tells you that healing your body is so important … but you must also listen to your mind, learn how to caress your heart and, no matter what, always nurture your spirit. It speaks to you as a complete person, not just a body that needs to be fixed.

As someone who develops and edits ‘mind-body-spirit’ books, this is a book that knows you have to join the dots between the mind, body and spirit in order to be whole.

Thank you, Vijay and Nilima, I was your editor, but no matter what roles we play in our lives, we are always, first, human beings, and I was as affected by your journey as anyone else might be.”


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