Cytotron®: New Technology For Cancer Treatment

While conventional options are the tried and tested recourse for cancer treatment. More and more people are keen to use more precise technologies that can aid recovery. Cytotron® is one such path-breaking invention.

How a path-breaking therapy is aiding cancer treatment

“A 59-year old patient with advanced stomach cancer (as a large stomach ulcer) was unwilling to undergo any conventional treatments despite adequate counselling. After 28 days of the RFQMR therapy using the Cytotron® he showed significant improvement. Endoscopy showed a smaller ulcer with healing in progress and biopsies showed no evidence of tumour activity!”

Dr. G.S. Nayar served the Indian Air Force for over 30 years as a specialist in Aerospace Medicine. His expertise included evaluating and maintaining the health and wellness of military pilots and even selection of cosmonauts/astronauts for manned space missions.

Now, he applies similar technologies for Wellness Management, focusing on preventive healthcare against life-style diseases including stress disorders, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Dr. Nayar co-founded ‘Ojus Healthcare’ in 2001 to establish a network of primary clinics to help individuals track and manage their own health. We caught up with him at his clinic in Brookefields, Bangalore, which has the Cytotron® facility.


This is probably the first medical device of its type, to be fully conceived and developed in India and accredited internationally.

Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, Chairman, Organization de Scalene who has a number of innovations and international patents to his credit, is the inventor of the tissue engineering technology of Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance (RFQMR) therapy as well as its treatment applications using the Cytotron® device.

Essentially, the Cytotron® treatment helps to re-generate cells and/or to stop the uncontrolled growth of cells. Clinical experience shows that it is particularly effective for cancer and for arthritis.

How it works in Cancer

In conventional cancer treatment, chemo/radiation therapies physically destroy cancer cells to arrest tumour growth. However, this can damage the adjacent normal tissues and organs leading to severe side effects.

Cytotron® therapy induces apoptosis (‘programmed cell death’) by reviving the body’s own mechanisms of tumour suppression non-invasively and without any side effects.

  • The device provides precise doses of safe and non-invasive energy (radio or sub-radio frequency, non-ionizing, non-thermal electro-magnetic waves) to tissues in the affected area.
  • To begin with, the electrical properties of the affected cells are normalised.
  • This stimulates the production of natural tumour-suppressor genes (such as the p53) and related nucleo-proteins which induce apoptosis and tumour death.
  • The therapy works with and supports the body’s natural process of getting rid of cancer cells, in a controlled and phased manner.
  • Treated in this manner for 28 days (1 hour per lesion), there is evidence to show that the cancer cells start dying.
  • In severe cases, the treatment can be repeated for 2-3 cycles or even more without any worry about side effects.

Benefits Vis-a-vis Conventional Treatments

Dr. Nayar says that as of now, chemotherapy and radiotherapy remain the most common, conventional methods of treatment. However, issues of side effects, cost, suitability for the aged/children/debilitated patients etc remain serious concerns.

Most patients taking conventional therapies experience debilitating side-effects like hair-loss, blood-count fall, nausea, reduced immunity, etc. By comparison, the Cytotron® therapy is an outpatient procedure and is absolutely safe, with no known side effects.

There are no toxic drugs, no harmful radiation; you simply lie down in the device, which emits radio waves to the carefully targeted areas. Dr. Nayar adds that he has personally treated children as young as 2 years and some senior citizens in their 90’s who were very comfortable during the procedure and benefited from the therapy.

What do Patients Think?

So far, Ojus has treated over 80 patients with advanced cancers, most of them in terminal stages. They maintain meticulous records of their patient’s progress and follow up, by way of both quality and quantity of life.

One of the most striking differences that patients notice within 7-10 days of therapy is pain relief, without the need for medication. They are able to sleep better. There is also marked sense of wellbeing and improved appetite.

Ojus also emphasises a holistic approach to healing. During and after the Cytotron® treatment, patients receive advice on diet and lifestyle, alongside therapies like Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Homeopathy, Tibetan medicine, Hypnotherapy and psychological counselling.

International recognition and demand for Cytotron®

Since the technology is relatively new, most of Ojus’s current patients are terminal or at least advanced cases who have tried all the other mainstream treatments. But since the treatment is showing such good results, it is gaining popularity in other countries as well.

  • Cytotron® is already available in countries like Malaysia, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.
  • The device will be available in Canada, Hungary and in the US in the near future.
  • The US Treasury has recently announced a generous grant for clinical trials in the US.
  • Ojus is already treating patients from the US, Europe and the Middle East who come to Bangalore for the therapy.

Way forward for Cytotron®

All this is very encouraging and Dr. Nayar hopes that this therapy will soon be included in the routine treatment of cancers alongside with the conventional treatments. He regularly interacts with Oncologists to encourage them to take advantage of this promising technology, especially because it can easily be integrated with standard therapies.

The key is to educate patients, their families as well as medical practitioners.



Contact: Ojus Niramaya Clinic, SRIT House, #113/1B, ITPL Main Road, Kundalahalli, Bengaluru-560037. Tel: +91-80-42079708, +91-80-41604765


Mithra Murali is a student of Communications at Mt Carmel College, Bangalore. She says “While working on Cancer Awakens, I had the opportunity to meet some great people and learn about new things. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!”


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