Pink Hope: Together against Breast Cancer


If you thought that cancer is nothing but death, hopelessness, turmoil and heartache, think again! We can stand together against Breast Cancer. How? Read on…

Cancer patients all over the world today have the opportunity to join support groups. Now you may be wondering what support groups are, or you may laugh and ask, “what can support groups do to help?”

What are support groups and how can they help you?

Support groups are small groups of cancer patients, cancer survivors, experts and counselors who stand together against breast cancer and mutually benefit from each others presence through a variety of activities and lectures.

Their motto is to stand together against breast cancer.

I had visualised a big hall with long-aisles, formal seating and a stage-podium, with experts delivering boring speeches. Not at all! On the contrary, I found that support groups are warm and friendly meetings with a couple of talks by cancer thrivers, lots of fun games, yoga sessions and much more.

Pink Hope: a Cancer Support group in Bangalore!

If you live in Bangalore and have been recently diagnosed with cancer or if you are a cancer thriver, here’s the place for you. A support group called PINK HOPE run by HCG Oncology (HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd).

Five brave women – Dr. Keerti Tiwari, Ms. Heena Patel, Ms. Girija Nadagoudar, Ms. Sashi Venkat, Ms. Roopa Venkatesh and Ms. Devika Bhojwani (Mumbai) from different backgrounds were united in May 2009 with the common goal of helping women suffering from breast cancer. These five women are themselves cancer thrivers and hence realised that their support could play a valuable role in the lives of women recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

And thus, Pink Hope – a beacon of hope and confidence for women suffering from breast cancer – was born.

How they stand together against breast cancer

Girija Nadagoudar, one of the five founders of Pink Hope is also a practising homoeopath. While she accepts that transcending cancer is not easy, she believes firmly in the efficacy of alternative therapies such as yoga, pranayama, meditation and diet management. Adding fun activities like good music and games like housie and bingo easily brings a smile to the patients face.

“It is perhaps not very well known that interacting with other survivors gives more confidence to patients and improves their recovery.”

Pink Hope also organizes events where well-known international figures like Prof. David Davison and Mr. Mark Reisterer are invited to interact with the patients.

HealthCare Global Enterprises Limited (HCG), South Asia’s largest cancer care network, headquartered in Bangalore, also organized a ‘pink umbrella walkathon’ as part of the ‘Pink October 2010’ to create awareness about breast cancer, under a protective cover of pink umbrellas.

For more information or if you would like to join the group, please contact Mrs. Girija Nadagoudar at 


Rebecca Vedavathys is a student of Communications at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. Says Rebecca “Looking after the old and sick and mothering infants and toddlers is a favourite pastime, I love taking care of people. Now here I am writing for a website that is working to help cancer patients all over the world, thereby fulfilling my dream in whatever little way I can.”


  1. support groups are important.sometimes it is difficult to share with family as you want to protect them.anothe small (but they do significant work) support group is connect to heal-25281445.

    • I agree with you, Latika. Support groups do play an important role. Would you like to tell us more about ‘Connect-to-heal’ … we would be delighted to publish an article/ photo etc. that you contribute! Vijay


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