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“What causes cancer” is the most common question people ask me. Cancer is a mysterious disease: deadly, widespread, and its specific causes are still unclear. We know that genetics (5%) and environmental/ lifestyle (95%) factors play a part. Sadly perhaps, we neglect the role of Stress & Immunity in preventing, causing and treating cancer. In mainstream medicine, many insights are emerging in the new field of Immuno-therapy. And in Holistic medicine, the mantra is Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (PNI), which is the scientific basis of many mind-body approaches. The most exciting aspect of the latter is that WE can do a lot to reduce our Stress and build our Immunity, while working alongside medical treatments. This requires good understanding and active participation. In this issue, we shine a light on the Stress-Immunity-Illness axis and various healing approaches you can consider. As always, we invite your feedback and support; please share widely in your network, so the maximum number of people can benefit. Warmly, Vijay.

Stress Compromises Immunity & Leads to Illness

decoding stress, immunity and illness
There is a close connection between stress, immunity and illness. Nilima Bhat throws light on the proven science of psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI): How stress and immune system functioning in the mind compromises immunity and can lead to illness in the body. Immunity: your best defence against illness We often underestimate the role...

What You Really Must Know About Stress (1 of 3)

An essential introduction for anyone who wants to understand the deeper relationship between stress, illness and healing.

Integrative Medicine For Cancer Can Improve Healing Outcomes

Integrative medicine for cancer can play a very important role in addressing this complex and multi-factorial disease. It works best alongside a holistic approach i.e. physical,...

What You Really Must Know About Stress (2 of 3)

An overview of the 5 Levels of Being and the corresponding 5 Stressors.

Peak Immunity Protects Against Illness

how stress causes immunity
The emerging science which shows how stress causes illness and why that is important for cancer patients.

The Immune System: A Little Known Marvel (1 of 4)

What do you know about the immune system and how it functions? To find out more, read further.

The Immune System: How It Works (2 of 4)

How the immune system both 'protects' and 'repairs'
immunity against cancer

The Immune System: Dealing With Cancer (3 of 4)

How to boost your immunity so that your the immune system can detect and deal with cancer.

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