My Cancer Is Me: Is That Possible?


We often ask ‘Why me?’ after a cancer diagnosis. But we don’t realise that ‘My cancer is me’. Yes, that’s right. Cancer is a disease of our own cells and it arises from within us. Cancer-thriver Vijay Bhat explains how.

Most people think that cancer, like other illnesses, is caused by external factors beyond one’s control. Perhaps, it’s a defense mechanism to cope with the shock of the diagnosis. However, the reality is that cancer is more internal than external.

My cancer is me, really?

Cancer occurs when our own cells malfunction. Cancer usually arises from within a person at two levels:

  • At the physical level, the body’s own cells start growing uncontrollably.
  • At the deeper level of one’s inner experiences, thoughts and emotions. As a result, your ‘inner life’ can create the conditions for cancer to occur. This means living your life differently can aid healing.

Accepting ‘My cancer is me’

According to cancer thriver Vijay Bhat, it is crucial to shift your perspective and acknowledge this. Thereafter, your entire approach can change. Further, you can start taking full responsibility for your experience in a way that honours your body and your illness. From that point, holistic healing can begin.

My life changed when I stopped seeing cancer as something separate from me. I stopped seeing cancer as ‘it’. Instead I realised cancer was pointing at me, to me. In fact, my cancer is me.


  • How do you see cancer? Do you see it as the enemy, the outsider?
  • To what extent do you see yourself as a victim?
  • How open are you to accepting the idea ‘My cancer is me’?

Nothing can prepare you for the cancer journey. But advice from someone who has been there and done that can certainly provide valuable guidance. You can watch the Cancer Awakens video series here and read the articles here.


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