Kindergarten Teacher Benefits From Chinese Medicine


Medical treatments played their part in helping this breast cancer thriver recover, but the side effects were terrible. That’s when she turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine and other holistic practices. Find out how this approach transformed her experience.

Kindergarden teacher diagnosed with cancer

2 years ago a kindergarten teacher (who wishes to remain anonymous) was diagnosed with breast cancer. Physical suffering, pain and great fear of early death were part of her daily life. The thought of losing her family and friends and being lonely haunted her.

She was fortunate enough to have access to the most advanced diagnostic, surgical and chemical treatments that modern medicine could provide. And yet, the side effects were so unbearable that she often felt like that she didn’t even want to live anymore.

Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Her father’s friend, who is a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) instructed her how to combine her Western medicine with TCM to get the best results against cancer. With the help of her father and the doctor, she changed her diet quite considerably and began to take an anti-cancer herbal tonic called ‘Tian Xian Liquid’.

Tian Xian liquid was developed by a qualified doctor (Prof. Wang Zhen Guo) who started his research and clinical practice in China in the mid-1970’s and is now based in the Philippines. He used a combination of traditional herbs to create a product which is now available in many forms.

Regular use of Tian Xian liquid not only relieved many side effects such as vomiting, difficulty in swallowing, and hair loss. She gradually recovered her strength, which inspired her to hope for a longer life. Her oncologist and friends were quite amazed at her healthy appearance.

The Astonishing Results Of A Holistic Approach

Beyond the combination of Western and Chinese medicine, she also credits her healing to two other factors: the support from her family and friends and the prayers from her prayer group. She says it was her trust and faith in God that helped her to go on. In fact, she believes that her painful experience has brought her much closer to God.

Today, she is physically healthy and has been able to resume her normal work. She is extremely grateful to everyone – the doctors, nurses, family and friends – who did their best to save her life.

“It is with their help and support that I got my old life back”.

Now, she does not live only for her own survival. She works with and encourages other cancer patients to keep up their good cheer and to trust that they too can recover fully and can have their normal life back.

After reading this account, would you be willing to learn more about Traditional Chinese medicine and perhaps give it a go?


  • How can you use holistic therapies to complement your medical treatments?
  • What support will you seek from family and friends during this difficult time?
  • If you are a cancer thriver, how can you comfort, motivate and support a family member or a friend who is in distress during their cancer journey?


Written by Maitreyi, a first-year student of Mass Communications from Mt Carmel College, Bangalore.


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