Cancer Awakens Newsletter - June 2018

Message from Vijay

William Osler (one of the founding fathers of Western medicine) famously said: “It is much more important to know what sort of patient has the disease, than what sort of disease the patient has” and further, “The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient”. Unfortunately the role of these 'human' factors in causing and healing illness – particularly cancer – tend to be neglected. This month, we shine a light on the mental-emotional triggers associated with colon, leukemia-lymphoma, breast and pancreatic cancer, based on the work of renowned holistic practitioners and traditional wellness systems. As always, we would love to hear your comments. And if you think someone else may benefit from this information, please do share in your networks. Warmly, Vijay.

Mental & Emotional Triggers Of Cancer

What kind of emotional and mental patterns can trigger colon cancer?
Early signs of leukemia

What Causes Leukemia & Lymphoma: Mental & Emotional Triggers To Consider

Diving into some deeper issues and questions about why blood cancers arise.

What Causes Breast Cancer: Mental & Emotional Triggers To Consider

Have you wondered why you have breast cancer? Modern medicine probably hasn't given you a satisfactory explanation. Here are some other perspectives for you to consider.
signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer

What Causes Pancreatic Cancer: Mental & Emotional Triggers To Consider

Insight into the formation of one of the most feared cancers; pancreatic cancer.

Turning Cancer Depression Into Thriving

himanshu roy cancer depression
The headlines screamed "Mumbai top cop Himanshu Roy commits suicide, due to cancer depression." While absorbing this shocking news, let us pause and reflect: While we focus on getting the best medical treatment, we often overlook the mental and emotional effects of cancer. Why? Himanshu Roy's suicide was a tragedy...
personal cancer coach program

How Our THRIVER Cancer Coach Program Works

Curious about how our unique THRIVER cancer coach program works? Here is a brief overview of the process and methodology. Discover how cancer coaching can support...
need a holistic cancer coach

When To Find A Holistic Cancer Coach?

People suffering from cancer are on TWO journeys, simultaneously. The first is your physical/ medical journey, which starts with your diagnosis and proceeds through...
cancer coach near me

Cancer Coach Near Me? Or Cancer Coaching Online?

Should I find a cancer coach near me? Or is online coaching better? Many people ask this question. Here is why the online option...

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