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July 2018 | Cancer Awakens

Cancer Awakens Newsletter - July 2018

Message from Vijay

Most people use the words ‘holistic’ and ‘integrated’ interchangeably and this causes confusion. We clearly distinguish between the two. ‘Holistic’ means addressing the whole person, at all levels – body, mind, emotions, relationships and spirit. ‘Integrated’ means combining different healing systems for the most effective therapeutic experience. For a life-threatening illness like cancer, it is important to leave no stone unturned, hence both a ‘holistic’ and ‘integrated’ approach are required. In this issue, we focus on 4 main healing systems – Yoga, Ayurveda, Tibetan Medicine and Homeopathy – and how they contribute to thriving with cancer. Info on other healing systems like Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine and Family Constellation Therapy is also available on our website. Please keep your feedback coming and please support us by sharing this in your networks. Warmly, Vijay.

Holistic & Integrated Approaches To Cancer

Beyond its generic health benefits, Swami Yogaratna shares how yoga can be a powerful therapeutic tool to address cancer very specifically.
ayurvedic treatment for cancer is effective

Ayurvedic Treatment for Cancer: An Introduction

In this interview, Dr M. B. Rajashekhar tells us how according to Ayurvedic thought, having the three doshas out of sync might be a cause of cancer and how synthetic materials in our diet lead to Cancer.

Tibetan Medicine For Cancer: An Interview With Dr. Dorjee Rapten Neshar...

Tibetan Medicine expert, Dr. Dorjee Rapten Neshar answers questions about Cancer. 1st in a series of two articles.
Homeopathy for cancer,

Homeopathy For Cancer: Does It Work?

How does Homeopathy view and address cancer? Dr. Tejaswini Kulkarni-Bhat, a leading Mumbai-based homeopath provides guidance.

Thriving With Cancer

My cancer coach
Our trained and certified Cancer Coach (SHERPA) provides the right kind of help when you need it the most. While the doctors treat the disease, who heals the person? Cancer invariably comes as a devastating shock to individuals and families. Mainstream treatments - surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy - mostly focus on...

Nurturing Nature: Adit Dave’s Story (Colon Cancer)

Adit Dave’s successful cancer journey involved the healing power of nature and the love and support of his family ...

The Glow of Life: Vimala Francis (Breast Cancer)

Meet this inspiring woman (Vimala Francis) who says "Dying is inevitable. But when life gives you a chance, why not take it and do your part?"

How Spirituality Helped A Non Hodgkins Lymphoma Thriver Heal

The best way to come out of sorrow is to go through it- a beautiful concept of Sri Mumtaz Ali that has stuck with Mr. Sunshine. It is advice that we can all benefit from.

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