Here Comes the Sun


When you are lost and just don’t know what to do – LAUGH. It may not take away the stress but it will help you sail through. Here are a few jokes to lighten the moments.

Doctor: “I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but this is your last day to live.
Patient: “Then I’ll ask my pals to come here for one final party. We’ll have steak, champagne and dancing girls! We’ll party till dawn. Come and join us doc.”
Doctor: “That’s easy for you to say. You don’t have to get up in the morning.”

Doctor: “I’m sorry, but you have a very rare cancer for which there is no treatment and you only have six months to live.”
Patient: “What do you suggest I do?”

 “Move to Iowa and live with an economist.”
Patient: “And how will that make me live longer?”
Doctor: “It won’t. Six months will just seem longer.”

A woman with colon cancer once said that I sure don’t mind being dead,
Till the smile on her face, scared the cancer away,
“I hope the toilet doesn’t miss me,” she said.

Daughter (during her mother’s chemotherapy): “Mommy, are you going to eat dinner tonight?”
Mother: “Yes, sweetie, I’ll try.”
Daughter: “Okay, Mommy, I’ll get the bucket!”


Compiled by a first-year student of Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, who wishes to remain anonymous.


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