Yogesh Mathuria

Caregiver since 2005: Pancreatic Cancer

We’re happy to introduce Yogesh Mathuria from our band of Cancer Awakens Sherpa’s! Yogesh calls himself as a “Peaceful Warrior”. After a successful career in the IT industry, he is now actively involved with a range of initiatives, including his well-known ‘Pilgrim Walks’. He is trained in various healing modalities and has worked extensively with cancer-patients.  

I was a caregiver to my wife Bhavna for 7 months, till she passed away in 2005. Bhavna was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and underwent surgery, chemotherapy and various complementary/ alternative treatments. The cancer experience made me question my priorities and my purpose. I gave up my corporate career and decided to serve humanity.

My biggest lesson

Health is wealth; and ‘balance’ is most crucial aspect of life.

My motivation to become a cancer-coach

While personally handling Bhavna’s treatment and care, I had hands-on experience of the challenges faced by a patient and the family members. I had all the resources in the world but treatment and care are beyond just those resources.

My experience at the Coaching Workshop

I enjoyed the program in totality; I noted the depth and many years of your Sadhana in putting it together. I loved the group sessions: Lifeline, Values/Shadow, PNCV & Genogram the most. I want to help people see that each one of us is fully responsible for our own well-being

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