Purva Rakesh


We’re happy to introduce our Sherpa Purva Rakesh from Gurgaon. Purva is a self-employed media professional and facilitator. She has a B.A. (English Hons), a M.A. (Mass Comm/ Film Studies) and an MBA.

I have seen cancer up-close with two dear friends, and feel deeply drawn to the field of cancer-care. I have trained as a facilitator in Transactional Analysis and Emotional Literacy. I have worked in areas of sexual abuse and domestic violence. I am also a Reiki master with additional training in conducting active meditations. I have myself been through therapy for 14 years to resolve my personal issues.

It was a devastating experience to sit through the cancer diagnosis. I understood that there is NOTHING that can compare with or prepare anyone for that first shock. It is impossible to know the real experience from outside.

My biggest lesson

Cancer is one disease that gives you TIME, either to settle your affairs (at worst) or to live fully (if you come out on the other side). I have heard many people say, “If only I had one more day to tell so and so ‘I love you.” You have to make the choice: to live with fear and despair or to live fully.

My motivation to become a cancer-coach

Cancer is often a death sentence for both: the sufferer and the family. We try to find answers in a maze of information, misinformation and guarded responses from doctors. Work is needed to support both: dissemination of correct information and emotional holding. Doing this workshop is a step in that direction.

My experience at the Coaching workshop

Intense! New learning in tools and processes were used while working with a high energy group. My big shift was the understanding that with cancer, you can’t change the facts, but you can change the outcome.

You can reach any of our Sherpas at contact@cancerawakens.com