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Dr. Niraj Mehta | Cancer Awakens

Dr. Niraj Mehta

Radiation Oncologist since 2008

We’re thrilled to introduce our Sherpa: DR. NIRAJ MEHTA who is based in the US. Niraj regularly participates in Functional Medicine conferences and Integrative Oncology panels. He attends meditation/mindfulness workshops too. He has a BA/BS (USC) and a MD/Residency (UCLA).

I treat cancer patients on a daily basis at the radiation oncology centre that I head in Miami, Florida. I have not only seen all types and stages of cancer from close quarters, but also all types of human responses to it.

Cancer has been the ‘privilege’ of my life. It forced me to transition in many ways. Being an oncologist has allowed me to let my inner artist out … I witness first-hand, the impact of music and movement on shifting people’s energy. Cancer has given me faith in myself in a quiet, reassuring way and it gave me the purpose to start the ‘Making Moves Universal’ movement.

My biggest lesson

Between fancy words and intellectual understanding, never forget to know and express your inner child. It is unifying, peaceful and without doubt, wildly entertaining.

My motivation to become a cancer-coach

Truth motivates me. I see a common thread in Cancer-coaching and my sphere of music/movement, in the way I want to practice Integrative Medicine. Unfortunately, by no one’s fault, the topic of cancer is ‘under-water’ like a dead scene in a movie. I truly believe that I can make it exciting, compelling and create a celebration around it.

My experience at the Coaching workshop

It exceeded all my expectations! It was a truly transformational experience at both an inner and outer level. I learned many tools and practices to examine one’s stressors and reconstruct a healthier self. I am convinced that the Cancer Awakens approach can viscerally and logically be brought to one’s own life and the world.

Meet the ‘Dancing Doctor’

You may not know the dance moves, you may not understand the beat but swaying to the music can take you a different world. Live your own hero’s journey. And the stress and problems will go away. That is the choreography, union, and joy of Dr. Niraj Mehta’s Making Moves Universal.

You can reach any of our Sherpas at contact@cancerawakens.com

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