From Illness to Wholeness Cancer Retreat

A 7-day intensive, residential, holistic and experiential retreat that helps cancer patient on their road to recovery.

How the retreat works

1. Fills the gap in post-treatment support for cancer patients by offering a:

– Deep therapeutic experience (not a ‘seminar’) to deal with life with and after cancer

– Targeted, psycho-social intervention for cancer support

Retreat42. Introduces participants to the latest mind-body-spirit approaches in managing cancer.

– There is plenty of research to show that mind, emotion, meditation, prayer, spirituality and other forms of ‘inner work’ are as important in handling illness as diagnostics, drugs and surgery.

– It is not a question of ‘either-or’ but of ‘both-and’.

3. Provides a safe and supportive environment where participants can share their  experiences and learn from each other.


“The retreat was an eye-opener. After attending the retreat, I tend to appreciate more the good things that have happened to me after my illness. I am now friendlier with the ‘cancer’ word, and I have the conviction that any illness can be reversed by changing our lifestyle.” – Participant of  Cancer  retreat in Aug 2008

“It was the best thing that’s happened to me in my life. Nilima/ Vijay: the 2 of you were absolutely wonderful teachers/ healers who took us through these 7 days so smoothly and dramatically making us understand every bit, step-by-step. You showed so much of care and compassion at every step. The entire experience was beautiful.”– Participant of  Cancer  retreat in Aug 2008