Cancer Awakens Newsletter - February 2018

Message from Vijay

Thanks for all your positive responses to our January newsletter … always so nice to hear that our work makes a difference. This month, we celebrate the unsung heroes and heroines of cancer-care: the Caregivers. They are tossed into a daunting role with no warning, no training, no respite and often, no appreciation. Carrying an enormous burden, they swallow their own pain, smile cheerfully and be relentlessly positive, for the sake of the loved one AND the family. We salute them with the utmost respect.

Also to remind you that registrations are closing soon, for the 2nd SHERPA Training & Certification program, from 13-22nd April near Mumbai. If you or someone you know – survivor, caregiver or practitioner – feels called to help others become Cancer Thrivers, please share this message and ask them to contact us soonest.


Useful tips for caregivers
If you have been suddenly thrust into the challenging role of a caregiver, a road map can be helpful. Nilima Bhat, a caregiver herself, has some useful tips for caregivers. Cancer traumatizes the family as much as it does the individual. But the implications for the primary caregiver and the...

Dealing With Cancer In The Family

Caregivers are often highly burdened and most ignored. Nothing can prepare you for dealing with cancer in the family. But you can be better...

Caregiver Lessons: Acknowledge and Accept the Struggle (3 of 6)

Reaching out for support while dealing with the fear and pain.

The Joy of Caring: Magic In Your Hands!

Cancer is a disease which affects your mind more than your body. In such a situation how do you help people to deal with it? One answer to this very difficult question is, Care. The act of giving care.

Sherpa Training & Certification Program

How to become a Cancer-Awakens SHERPA
The 10-day experiential workshop is a mix of a series of talks, interactive sessions, individual and group activities and initiations. At the core is Cancer Awakens Holistic and Integrated approach to cancer as outlined in the book 'My Cancer is Me: The journey from Illness to Wholeness’.

Who is a SHERPA?

Friend, Mentor, Guide, Expert Your Cancer Awakens Sherpa is uniquely and superbly qualified to help you walk the path from ‘trauma-to-transformation’, during the challenging cancer...

SHERPA Program: 10-day Workshop Curriculum

The 10-day experiential workshop is a mix of a series of talks, interactive sessions, individual and group activities and initiations. At the core is...
dance movement therapy in cancer coaching

13 SHERPAs Take A Leap

The inaugural Cancer Awakens Sherpa Training and Certification Program was held at Kautilya Leadership Centre from 3rd to 12th November 2017. 13 SHERPAs took...
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