Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): Tap Your Way To Health


Learn the basics of EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique and deal with the emotional strain of going through cancer or providing care to someone with cancer.

What is Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a powerful new method based on the discovery that emotional trauma contributes greatly to disease.
  • When we go through traumatic experiences, the memories associated with these experiences often trigger the same emotions that we felt during the time of the experience.
  • The use of EFT significantly reduces the emotional triggers and often we are able to see the same situation more objectively and move on.
  • Since the stress of the trauma is reduced, there is a direct impact on our emotional health and therefore our physical health.

How it works

  • EFT works by tapping certain acupuncture points while focusing on an issue that has caused the person emotional distress.
  • These points help to balance the body’s energy field since we tap on its energy meridians.
  • The principles behind EFT are similar to Chinese acupuncture as they enable the internal healing mechanisms of the body – allowing the body to heal itself.

How to learn and use EFT

EFT is simple enough to learn by reading the basic material that’s given on the website www.eftuniverse.com.  All you need to do is to download the free starter’s package and watch videos that are available on Youtube. There are no side effects and you may notice differences in the way you feel in a matter of 5-10 minutes.

Here are some video suggestions are also given below:

Introduction to Tapping


This longish video introduces EFT and takes you through the first two sessions. A great way to get started.

Clearing Fear and Worry

This video guides you through the process of tapping while saying affirmations to clear fear and worry. Brad Yate’s casual style and humour makes you feel at ease and he has numerous other videos for specific issues available on his Youtube channel.


  • Alongside mainstream treatments, what alternative therapies can you use to achieve healing?
  • How can you use to ETF to uncover the stressors affecting your health?

Suggested Reading

Emotional Freedom Techniques – Sangeeta S Bhagwat, Wisdomtree Publications.


What is EFT?


  1. I find it rather interesting that another way to heal oneself from emotional trauma is through performing the emotional freedom technique (EFT). My friend just got her leg cut off due to an accident and she does not know how to deal with it. Knowing this, I will be sure to find a clinic that practices this technique so that I would be able to help her heal and get rid of her mental stigma against her leg.


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